How to Use a Safety Razor Correctly and Safely

By Howard Combs

With today’s rising costs of grooming products, men are going back to the basics of using a safety razor. Not only are these razors more economical, they are durable and eco-friendly, in the long run. If you’re used to shaving with disposables and are likely to try safety razors, these tips on safety razor shaving are helpful.

Safety Razors 101

If you’re just starting to learn how to use a safety razor, here are a few important things you must know:

Double-Edge Razors

No, these are not sci-fi small weapons of some kind. Safety razors are known as double-edge razors. The tool is designed to hold a razor blade with dual sharp sides, each facing one side of the razor handle.

While these razors were once the classic shaving tools, they were replaced by the mass-produced multi-bladed razors we have today. Touted as easier-to-use than their old nemesis, these disposable razors reigned supreme. Although these days, men are finding out that they don’t need a multi-blade razor to get a smooth, clean face – a single blade may do the trick.

Benefits of Using a Safety Razor

  • Economical: With the rising costs of multi-blade disposable razors, replacement blades are cheaper and last a long time.
  • Ergonomic Design: Difficult-to-reach areas such as neck crevices and nose areas are accessed easily, thanks to slimmer designs and long handles.
  • Closest Shave: A safety razor is your ideal choice and gives the smoothest shave.

Shaving With a Double-Edge Razor

If you’ve been using disposable razors for a long time, you’ll discover that shaving with a safety razor is not as difficult as you think. Although the prime drawback for using a double-edge razor is the likelihood of having nicks and cuts, making the shift from using disposables is easy.

Take a close look on our safety razor shaving best practices for a more enjoyable and safer shave:

Preparing Your Razor

Your safety razor comes in three parts namely: razor head which covers the blade; the comb, fitting the mid head and handle; and the handle which you grip during shaving. Holding the head and comb in place unlocks all three parts so you can insert the blade securely. Fasten by tightening the head and handle.

Choosing a blade depends on the thickness of your beard. Japan made Feather blades is ultra-sharp and the most preferred brand giving you the smoothest and cleanest shave.

Your Pre Shave Routine:

It’s a little known fact that taking a shower before shaving wets and moisturizes your beard. This result in fewer nicks and cuts on your face. After which, it may be necessary to wash your face using glycerine soap to remove dead skins that hampers an effective shave.

Put a small amount of shaving cream on your hands and lather up your beard. Some prefer shaving gels or lotion to prep up the skin. These products make it easier for the razor to glide on the skin and they also protect the skin throughout the day.


When shaving, put a small amount of warm water on a container where you can dip your safety razor from time to time. A shaving brush is useful to effectively lather and soften your beard. It also ensures that the lather penetrates even the thickest beard.

Gently hold your safety razor, dip it in warm water and at a 30° angle, start shaving in the direction where you hair starts to grow. This is the optimum angle where fewer nicks and cuts are reported by pros, so it’s a great tip to follow.

Make short strokes with your razor and avoid pressing the blade on your skin to avoid cuts. This will take a lot of getting used to, especially for long-time users of disposables. Double-edge razors have very sharp blades, and stretching the skin taut will make shaving easier and smoother. Be patient. It may be necessary to make several short passes on the skin to effectively remove a beard or stubble.

After Shaving Routine

Clean your razor and splash your face with cold water to effectively close your pores. To extend the life of your blades, remove them from the safety razor set to dry; return them to your clean razor afterwards. Use your favorite aftershave products to hydrate and protect the skin.


Contrary to most beliefs, safety razor shaving is easy and safe. Not only are safety razors economical, they also provide the smoothest and cleanest shave ever. Even if you are newbie, a double-edge razor can be mastered with ease. With constant practice and patience, you’ll get the perfect shave that you’ve been longing for.

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