Improving the Alexa Ranking of Your Website Is Not That Hard. Follow These Tips!

Improving the Alexa Ranking of Your Website Is Not That Hard. Follow These Tips!

By stephanienorman777


Before we get straight to the point and tell you how you can improve the Alexa Rank of your site, let’s explain why it’s so important to make those actions. This rank gives people an idea of the reputation and reliability of your website. If an advertiser is interested in paying for promotion at your website, they will probably check how Alexa rates it.

So what exactly is the Alexa Rank? It’s an estimation of the popularity of your website in comparison to all other sites.

Here’s how that’s being done: Alexa estimates the average daily pageviews and visitors to every website over the past 3 months. The estimations are provided on a daily basis, and the website that has the largest score based on the number of pageviews and visitors is ranked on the first position.

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2. Install the Alexa Rank Widget

There’s a problem with the Alexa toolbar, though. It really helps you increase your ranking, since it’s the tool that sends the hits to Alexa servers. Unfortunately, not many visitors of your site have such a toolbar, so the ratings based solely on this strategy are not realistic. Although in one blog post Alexa explained that the toolbar is only one of the many browser extensions that include Alexa data, it still remains the main tool for measuring visits.

There’s a way to change that: install the Alexa Rank Widget to your website. It won’t directly improve your ranking; it will just showcase the current rank to your visitors. If, however, it inspires your visitors to download the Alexa site widget, then Alexa will have the data from more people that land at your site. It’s a strange strategy, but it works in practice.

Plus, if you have a good Alexa Rank and you display it on your site, it will surely give you bonus points in the eyes of visitors.


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3. Write Guest Posts

One unusual way to improve the Alexa Rank is to write as many guest posts as possible. They have to be high-quality posts that include backlinks. Having a great number of successful backlinks will help you get more visitors to your site, and the rank will be naturally boosted with that.

You can rely on another successful method related to blogging: comment on influential blogs. Make sure to provide value to the discussion and include a signature that links to your site.

4. Publish Awesome Content

When you read about the way Alexa Rank works, you might think it’s a superficial system that doesn’t reflect the realistic popularity of a website. If you see the actual ranks, you’ll realize that only great websites achieve high positions. In fact, the quality matters, and it matters a lot.

Writing great content helps you increase the traffic towards your website. When you infuse search engine optimization strategies in the content creation process, Google will drive even more traffic towards you. Needless to say, the content should be not only attractive, but unique as well.

If you’re trying to think of ways to improve your Alexa Rank, give it some thought: it basically measures the traffic, so that’s the point you should work on. So, you need to publish great content to boost the traffic, and you need to do that as often as possible, since no one likes passive sites and blogs.

Try writing at least 2 great posts on a weekly basis and monitor your Alexa Rank. It will certainly go up.

5. Certify Your Site Metrics

This is the best way of getting a more accurate (but not necessarily better) Alexa Rank. The usual way Alexa estimates websites is based on information from its data panel. When you certify your site’s metrics, they will be directly measured by Alexa.

The certification will give you few benefits in addition to the 100% count of your real traffic: more detailed analytics, close monitoring of your site’s performance, and public showcase of your metrics (this is really important for attracting advertisers to your site).


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6. Get Inbound Links

It’s important to encourage other websites to link to your own site. These links should be natural, though, and they need to come from reputable websites related to your niche. High-quality inbound links will help search engines to determine your niche, but it will also tell them that you’re a reliable source they should list in the results.

How exactly can you get inbound links? By producing authoritative content, of course. You need to provide information that other bloggers and websites will want to link to, since it will add value to their own posts.

You Want to Improve Your Alexa Rank?

Well, then, you need to improve your traffic. And you already know what to do if you want to improve the traffic at your site: provide high-quality content. That’s the logical conclusion we can draw from all tips provided above.

As a result of producing great content on a regular basis, your Alexa Rank will grow and that can mean only one thing – the reputation and advertising revenue of your website will grow as well.

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