Influencer Outreach Email: How to Compose It Right

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Influencer marketing is by far the fastest growing marketing strategy of them all, despite being around for a while. In order to help you realize just how effective it is, 92% of the people will make a purchase based on a recommendation or a positive word of mouth from an actual person, which is the essence of influencer marketing, making it superior to other forms of marketing.

It is one of the best ways to increase awareness about your brand, obtain more followers, increase traffic, and improve your conversion rates, among other things. It works best when coupled with content creation, and having an influencer who’s an authority or a thought leader contribute to your articles or posts in the form of a comment or a quote.

For instance, I have been lucky enough to write several guest posts for an online writing service EduGeeksClub, one of the most successful ones was “How to Use Influencer Marketing to Boost Your Traffic and Conversions”, which featured contributions from six marketing experts.

I’ve used Buzzsumo in order to keep track of how my post was doing, and I was pleased to find out it had collected over 1.8k shares across different social media platforms, which is a number that could have been even higher had I featured 15 or 30 influencers, instead of only six.

Influencer marketing starts with reaching out to influencers via email, which is why we have rounded up some tips on how to put it together and achieve the best results.

Understanding Influencers

  • Do not hesitate to get in touch with them if you are not a high-profile blogger, or even a beginner. Although they appear as marketing celebrities, they are just ordinary people, which means there is no reason to be scared of contacting them. They are not interested in who you are right away, but what you have to offer that might benefit them in some way.

Reaching out to influencers is just as much about contacting them, as it is about creating brilliant and original content, gathering readership, and establishing yourself as thought leaders in your niche. If you are all of the above, influencers will be lining up to do work with you.

  • Because they are so influential, they will often have thousands of followers, which means a lot of hard work on their part and very little time for anything else, and that includes going through hundreds or thousands of emails every day. This is the reason why you need to make it short and sweet, as if you were trying to pitch them an idea in an elevator, but clear enough so that they are able to get in instantly and realize how it may be beneficial for them.
  • Before you reach out to them, do a little digging about who they are and what they do. There is plenty of information about anyone who has a decent online footprint, and in the case of influencers, there will be tons of information, so make sure to do your research. Nothing will get your email dismissed quicker as missing the point of their work.

This goes double when you are putting together your outreach email. If you are too vague when it comes to their work, they will send your email to their spam folder right away. Instead, try to be very specific, and pick out one article which you found especially beneficial. But, try and choose one which is still relevant, and not something they have written years ago, or something you have chosen at random.

Reaching Out to Influencers

If you have managed to get them to listen to you, you will need to come up with four different emails at the very least:

1) The first email featuring a polite request – You should not ask for a contribution right away. Merely inquire if they are available and if they would be willing to contribute to the post you are currently writing. That way, you will show them that you appreciate their time, and provide them with something of value, which is the possibility of contributing to a post that might be seen by a whole new audience. Be polite and keep it short, preferable around 50 words or less. Below is an example of how it can be done.

The subject line should also be clear and concise. A simple “I’d like to feature you in a post for [Site Name]” worked brilliantly for me, sporting an 88.9% open rate and an 81.5% reply rate.

2) Second email featuring your question – If you hear back from them, that means you have their attention and it’s ok to ask them directly about their contribution to your post. Also, don’t forget to thank them for setting aside the time to hear you out and read your email. Show them that you appreciate their effort. One other thing: if you happen to ask them for 5 minutes of their time, or just one question, make sure it is exactly 5 minutes or less, and only one question.

3) Third email featuring a thank-you note – After you hear back from them and you arrange all the details of your collaboration, along with a comment you had asked for, send them an email in which you thank them several times, as well as promise to follow-up with a link to the article featuring their comment.

Being polite in real life and thanking people for the effort they have put in to support your cause is not only the right thing to do, but it can go a long way toward warming people up for future collaborations. It is exactly the same in the virtual world as well. You are still dealing with real people. It is only the medium that is different, so why not treat them the same way you would in real life? You can take it even one step further by meeting them in person, or inviting to one of your business promotions.

4) Fourth email featuring the link – Finally, send them the link and thank them for their contribution. However, don’t insist that they share the link with their followers. If the article is something they can get behind, rest assured that they will share it.

In fact, stuff like “Please share this link ASAP”, “Share this with your followers”, or anything of the sort can have an opposite effect on the influencer. With all the effort you have put into creating great content and reaching out to them, don’t mess it up near the very end. Let them make a decision about what to do with the link. They may not be able to share it with their audience right away, because they are currently working on something else, or because they are waiting to share it as part of something they are currently working on.

Maintaining a Relationship after Collaboration

  1. Promote your post – Even though it’s a single post, you can still promote it for all it’s worth, by sharing it on multiple social media accounts, and by creating different “hooks”, such as intriguing headlines, images, or by pulling out an influencer quote and sharing it. You can get a lot from just one article, so make sure to put in the effort to promote it properly.

    For example, once your article is published on your blog, you can create an intriguing headline and share it with your followers on Facebook, where they will be tempted to click on it. For Twitter, you can create a short call-to-action, along with a link to the article, and even retweet it again after a while if you spot something on your Twitter feed that might be addressed with your article.

    You can also use your article as a basis for some eye-popping infographics. There are plenty of apps that can help you pull that off, so don’t worry if you don’t have any experience when it comes to design. As you can see, even by promoting your own work, you are creating more content, more exposure, and establishing yourself as an authority in your niche, which will make it easier for you when reaching out to new influencers.

  2. Keeping in touch with your influencer – This involves following their work, liking and commenting on their posts and articles, as well as contacting them when you have a good reason for it, such as a new opportunity for collaboration that will be mutually beneficial. You can help the latter cause by improving your knowledge, skills, as well as your influence, which will make them more likely to work with you again.

    Contacting them only when you need something from them is not only rude, but it’s also a sure way to get yourself dismissed from their list of collaborators. Maintaining a good relationship with your influencers is just like maintain a friendship, where you are more than welcome to get in touch and follow up, even if there is nothing in particular that you need.

One of the reasons why influencer marketing is so huge is because it’s an organic process, and because people are more inclined to believe genuine opinions from actual people as opposed to ads or marketing campaigns. Reaching out to influencers is simple enough, if you stick to these guidelines. After establishing a collaboration, you can benefit by having your work read by an entirely new audience, and inspiring trust in your brand, by having a powerful influencer endorsing it.

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