Make Data Backups a Regular Affair – Here’s Why (Infographic)

By Mauricio Prinzlau – World Backup Day 2015

Experts say taking just one backup of your digital devices – that too on the occasion of World Backup Day – just isn’t enough to safeguard all the precious memories you have saved on those devices.

You use your smartphone, tablet, digital camera, laptop, etc to create and store irreplaceable memories every day. Ever thought what a disaster it would be if you lost all of it and didn’t have any copy stored elsewhere?

Data loss can happen anywhere, anytime and mostly happens all of a sudden. Hardware malfunction and human error put together comprise 76% of data losses while software problems, virus attacks, and natural disasters make up the remaining 24%. All these possibilities can be handled if you have an automatic backup system in place.

A backup is akin to an insurance covering data loss that lets you protect all your digital memories. Keeping a data backup at an offsite location is a good idea, but the best bet is to follow the 3-2-1 principle. You have the parent version and a copy stored in two types of storage media like USBs or external hard drives, and one copy stored off-site on online or cloud storage.

Online backup systems require you to download and install software that lets you store the files of you choosing. Good storage services simply backup everything on your computer and also save every change you make to an existing file. Remember to check whether the service provides you restoration options as well for backups are worthless if you can’t get it back on your computer when you need.

While choosing a backup service ensure it provides you –

  • Local encryption
  • Your private encryption key
  • SSL encryption while transferring files over the web
  • Another security layer with AES 256 bit technology once uploaded

Some online storage services also let you share, sync and collaborate files with others and store unlimited versions, so choose what works best for you.

Over 30% people never backup their data even as 113 phones with several GBs of data get stolen ever minute, 10% computers are virus affected every month and hacking causes 67% data losses in business. Lost data cost the world US$ 30,000,000,000 in money terms in 2012.

As such, cloud storage services saw 225% revenue hike from 2009 to 2014 and popular service Dropbox increased customer base by over 1100% in the same period.

Here’s an Infographic to explain this better-

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