Mental Refreshment for Entrepreneurs: 5 Ways to Recharge for Greater Productivity

By Hayden Miyamoto


Entrepreneurs are the best resources if you need tips for working through the night and overcoming jet lag, but most will stare at you with a blank look when asked about tips for refreshing energy between work sessions. This is because the entrepreneurial spirit demands excellence, and excellence in the making often looks a lot like sleep deprivation. The problem is that putting all of your energy into work will eventually lead to burnout. It’s best to implement some of these tips to re-energize between work sessions so that you don’t get to that point.

  1. Enforce An Electronics-Free Zone And Spend As Much Time There As PossibleGive your eyes a break from the glare of those screens by simply turning them off in a given room of your home or office. An alternative method is to give up electronics during certain hours of the day on designated days. The point is to give your loved ones your full attention and allow your brain to shut off the stress of work and restore in peace. For instance, if your electronics-free zone is the bedroom, then you can actually sleep rather than gorging on a full-season show release on Netflix.
  2. Step Away From The SidelinesIt’s your turn for action. Rather than wasting time on social media while your son finishes baseball practice, volunteer as a coach or commit to helping him practice once a week. Don’t just stand by the fence watching your dog run the park. Run with them. If your significant other goes to a spin class every Saturday, turn it into a couple’s event. Physical activity is the best way to recharge, and it’s more fun when shared with your loved ones.
  3. Pitch A Tent And Soak Up The Goodness Of Mother Naturepitch a tentNo hiding in a luxury camper allowed. Find one of the best air mattresses for your weight and height, pick up a sleeping bag, and head out to a local camping site alone, with the family, or with someone special. Keep it simple by roasting hot dogs, making s’mores, and hiking. Take pictures of the wildlife and hang them in your office so that you can remember that exhilarating feeling of refreshment that comes just after a night by the fire.
  4. Create A Challenge, And Then Rise To The OccasionDo something new, but turn it into a challenge. For instance, cooking is a great way to relax and recharge, but don’t just pick a recipe out of a cookbook. Allow your children to create a mystery box of ingredients for you or find a way to combine two recipes that seem at odds. This engages your creative mind, and it may turn something you don’t want to do into a healthy hobby.
  5. Immerse In The Creative Artscindy sherman 2Visit an art gallery, or create your own paintings and transform a room in your home into your personal gallery. Sit at the spinning wheel and learn to craft pottery, or rummage through second-hand stores in search of antiques. Write a book of poetry, or download classic literary works on your e-reader and curl up by the fire. If your job requires technical thinking and constant focus, then give your brain a chance to dream wildly and wander freely.

Implement just one of these suggestions into the upcoming week, and you may experience a surge of productivity once you refocus on work. Your entrepreneurial spirit may even spark new ideas while your brain is at play.

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5 Ways to Recharge for Greater Productivity

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