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muscle pharm assault

Pre-workout supplements are booming in trade as gym-goers strive to pump out extra reps or keep going through the cardio burn and increased focus and energy are just a couple of the advantages of using these drink-powders. Giving you that extra buzz, Muscle Pharm has shown that they can really be leaders of the pack with their Assault Pre-Workout System. This advanced system packs a punch with its ingredient line-up, so let’s take a look at the credentials and explore what can be learned from Muscle Pharm Assault Reviews.

Criteria for Great Muscle Food

Feeling the “pump” and getting you hyped to work up a sweat isn’t the only criteria for a great pre-workout supplement. For it to be all-round effective it should have a balanced list of ingredients which don’t cancel one another out and shouldn’t cause a caffeine burn-out once the effects wear off.

As well as energy boosters, a range of vitamins including Vitamin C, E, B6 and B12 help round out a supplement. And if your pre-workout system is really doing its job, it should address a range of areas including energy, focus, strength and endurance and don’t forget that in the gym, size matters, so muscle gain is on the list of needs too.

Product Overview

So let’s take a look at what Muscle Pharm Assault can offer users. It comes in a fantastic range of nine flavours to keep your taste buds interested including Raspberry Lemonade, Pineapple Mango and Candy Apple, but where it really delivers is in the detail.

Featuring a new ingredient, Purenergy, the supplement supplies a high energy boost without the common after-effect of a caffeine crash, helping you feel the buzz when it’s crunch time without slumping at your desk during the work day. It’s free of artificial dyes, fillers and fluff – great for all you nature lovers – and has been engineered to include a precise balance of boosters. Patented Carnosyn Beta-Alanine, along with ION-3 Nitrate Technology,combine to give increased endurance and strength, plus the potential to build muscle quicker.

Standard size packages contain 30 servings meaning you won’t need to click the order button more than once a month and coming in at a great price, it doesn’t break the bank either. One Muscle Pharm Assault review comments that a single scoop can even be enough for a pick-me-up pre-gym so your stash could go even further.

Quick-fire stats include:

  • Available in 290g or 435g containers
  • Features patented Carnosyn Beta-Alanine and ION-3 Technology
  • New Purenergy ingredient to minimize energy slumps
  • Range of flavours
  • A well-rounded pre workout system for all types of athlete
  • Wide variety of vitamins


Assault Pre Workout reviews seem to agree that this supplement packs a pretty good punch and is a useful preparation tool for tapping into those hidden energy resources before hitting the gym. Many users mention feeling more tuned in during workouts, and are able to focus for longer. Fans of the weights bench have had positive feedback too, with several commenting that they were able to lift more than their previous max and noticed definite gains.

Price-point is an overall winner too, with 30 official servings in each buy and the potential to make it last longer if you want a lower impact or want to build up to a two scoop mix over time.


There are some common downsides to this product and Muscle Pharm Assault reviews help shed light on where improvements could be made.

Whilst flavours are wide-ranging it can take a while to find the one that’s right for you as some can be over-sweet. Muscle Pharm can produce side affects for some users too, including digestive system upsets and a strong tingling sensation, although some people experienced the latter as an additional energy boost.

In a few instances the powder-mix appeared lumpy and a little difficult to dissolve and while the supplement arguably has a great range of vitamins and delivers on energy and focus, the more expensive option, Muscle Pharm XT, can seem pricey for few added benefits.


This pre-workout powder creates a flavorsome and hydrating drink to increase energy levels, strength, stamina and focus right when you need it. It scores well in the energy impact stakes too, as well as users reporting increased muscle gain.

Reviews can be mixed in terms of overall effect but a range of vitamins and patented ingredients provide a balanced combination, aiming to give you the best result in terms of pre-gym pump with minimum after-effects and no artificial fillers.

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