Nando Caporicci and the Power of the Digital Economy

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Securing a full-time job in one’s field of preference is often extremely difficult due to high competition. Even with a booming economy and rapidly declining unemployment rates, there are still millions of individuals looking for their dream job. Luckily, the growth of the so-called digital economy has introduced incredible flexibility into sole proprietors’ lives. Just consider, for instance, the fact that as many as 4 million Americans are working from home on at least a part-time basis.

An Evolution in the Market

The statistics above attest to the shift in trends when it comes to employment. Courtesy of online jobs, people in smaller cities can still find work opportunities and generate income. Think about those who may be living in a small town like Falmouth, MA per se. With a population of 31,000, it is not exactly a hotbed for the corporate world. Thus, the residents cannot rely on the same types of jobs like individuals who live in larger metropolitan areas. Regardless, due to the power of the internet and digital spheres, people can still make a living from the comfort of their own home.

Social Media Managers

Leveraging the power of social media to attract customers has become so widespread that practically every business relies on it. After all, the vast majority of online advertising is now done through platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Thus, it comes as no surprise that companies sometimes need help managing their online pages. Some of the primary duties in this area include daily monitoring, content creation, live customer support, and more.


The Digital Economy revived the freelancing industry like nothing before. People who used to rely on word-of-mouth referrals can now set up websites to promote their businesses. Moreover, hundreds of intermediaries who connect freelancers and buyers have made it easy to find a job in this area. Although some downsides do come into play, which includes things like self-employment tax and third-party fees, most of them would be applicable to any job in the digital economy.

Blockchain Experts

According to the founder of Olitris Technologies, Nando Caporicci, cryptocurrency further promoted the movement of online employment. Once Bitcoin came into the spotlight a few years ago, a lot of interested parties started learning the basics of the technology. After a while, some of them became miners who help verify transactions in exchange for the actual coins on the network. Nando Caporicci is one of those individuals. Given his experience, he stresses how important his mining position has been. Without it, he would not have been able to start his new business and would have missed out on sizeable compensation.

Another positive side of the cryptocurrency marketplace is the ever-growing number of start-ups. With more than 1,700 digital coins in existence, there are a plethora of mining opportunities. In fact, finding a job in this field is quite literally dependent on one’s ability to mine and the power of their equipment. There are no traditional recruiting cycles where the person will have to go through an interview with their employer. On the contrary, everything is handled online and never leaves the worker’s laptop.

Online Consultants

One more popular freelancing sector revolves around consulting. In the past, consultants in various industries had to establish their offices and build a name for themselves to attract clients. Although the second part of that process still exists, there is no need to maintain a physical address in order to have a successful consulting venture. Instead, being an online advisor to those who may need help managing time or projects is a great way to share knowledge and earn money. The difficult part tends to be the beginning stage where the entrepreneur has to set up their website and work on marketing. Nevertheless, when solid consultants are paired with knowledgeable social media managers, the opportunities are endless!

Future Expectations

Based on how quickly the online industry developed, it is reasonable to expect even more growth very soon. The blockchain is bound to slowly morph into larger projects and become an essential part of many other markets. Additionally, the power of freelancing jobs is undoubtedly going to continue helping people in smaller areas like those living in Falmouth. In other words, the future of the digital economy is bright, and one can expect the job openings to grow as fast as they have been doing so thus far.

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