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Nash Frame Design on the Valuable Impression Art Gives an Office

Art has a surprisingly large impact in today’s workplace. A recent study found that businesses with art in the workplace encourage creativity and expression while reducing stress for their employees. The type of art displayed in a business relates to the company’s values and gives visitors a window into the way the business operates. Using these guidelines, Nash Frame Design encourages readers to use more art in the workplace and to choose it with care.

Enhance Your Business’s Atmosphere

Art can help project an aspirational view of your business. In a medical office, it can reassure people or bring about feelings of safety. In an architect’s office, it can project the kind of ideas that the firm draws inspiration from.

Art can also help to change a client’s or visitor’s image of your company’s fundamentals. For example, a corporate law office is normally thought of in formal terms. Adding fun and expressive art makes visitors comfortable while expressing the business’s soft side. This can help change clients’ view of the business and let them know what to expect when interacting with your company.

Maps are a particularly effective decoration in office settings. Maps can connect offices with their colleagues who work far away. They also provide an outlet for the viewer’s imagination.

Boost Productivity

Art is not only beneficial when visitors come to the office, but it also helps current employees reach their productivity goals. Dr. Craig Knight, a workplace psychologist at the University of Exeter, UK, has documented the productivity boost that comes from well-chosen artwork. He cautions that workplaces should avoid hanging “motivational” art with text which may irritate workers or condescend to them. It is better to let the work speak for itself.

Highlight Company Values

Art helps a company to define its values. For example, a historical series of paintings concentrated on the Revolutionary War would highlight a company’s respect for history and for new ideas. The heroism pictured in the art would inspire the employees to go beyond their own expectations when completing their work. An office with landscapes on its walls would project the impression of calm reflection and visions of the future.

Sculpture and Kinetic Works

Together with art hung on the wall, offices should consider obtaining sculptures or kinetic works of art. These will complement the art hung on the wall and bring a physical dimension to the room. Sculptures are especially useful in large lobby areas, where they can help to break up the monotony of the room while making an exciting statement.

Kinetic works of art are those that can be touched and interacted with. For example, a virtual waterfall that you could dip your hand in would be a beautiful addition to any office. It would bring a touch of whimsy to the office and entertain young and old alike. Having non-traditional artwork in the office gives the impression that your employees are ready to think outside the box to solve clients’ problems.

Proper Framing Makes a Difference

Having a piece of artwork professionally framed brings an office a sense of sophistication. Carelessly framed art will give an impression that the office is not run well and will give visitors the wrong idea about your business.

Professionally framed art not only looks better on the wall, but it will last longer as well, with museum-quality frames and glass available. Companies like Nash Frame Design can work with office managers and executives to create cohesive looks for their art collection as a whole. With thoughtfully chosen art, an office can be more beautiful, more inspiring, and more productive.

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