Negative Critics Against Bitmain’s AntMiner B3 Mining Machine’s Performance

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Bitmain is the largest manufacturer of Bitcoin miner software. The company has had trusted reputation, but this should last after critics stormed Bitcoin community forums criticizing the latest mining equipment, AntMiner B3.

The mining machine was introduced after the Blockchain and artificial Intelligence Summit forum in Hangzhou, early April 2018. B3 Miner was rolled out by Fan Xiaojun, Head of Miner Sales claiming that it was more efficient and would produce about 780 harshes per second with 360 Watts of power consumption.

However, early buyers of this mining equipment disputed the facts terming that the B3 was substandard and had a threshold of producing about 500 – 600 H/s. It was reported that Bitmain sold more than 25,000 pieces of AntMiner B3, who are now terming the sale as a total rip off!

Further, the Beijing based company (Bitmain Technologies Ltd) had advertised the Bitcoin mining equipment, in highly hyped adverts but in real terms does not offer the user any great performance. China Money Network, a local news firm in China, said that users stormed for the miner after Xiaojun advertised the equipment beyond proportions.

In the Marketing live event where the Mining equipment was rolled out, Bitmain representatives told members present at the event that B3 could generate $44.5 per day, at a 360 Watts consumption, which could be equated to a cost of about $0.62. Most suspicious, Bitmain sold the equipment at $2600, but for no apparent reason, they slashed the price to about $1700 in less than three days before the machine would be available for sale.

Some of the cryptocurrency investors were unfortunate to have paid more than $3000 for the same mining equipment from other vendors who would ultimately Buy Bitcoin. After the announcement and roll over, buyers of the B3 mining equipment soon discovered that the machine was not as functional as hyped to be.

According to a Chinese resident, Zhang who had previously bought three AntMiner B3s said that none of them attained a hash rate above 600 Hashrate per second, which is relatively lower from the expected 780 H/S. He, however, notified Bitmain’s customer service who asked him to reset the machine couple of times. But unfortunately, his miners could not upscale their performance and thus remained below par.

Another negative critic came after a miner speculated that the reduced performance was a technical issue. He opened the miner, and fortunately or unfortunately found out that the fan of his AntMiner B3 was covered with dust. He stormed community forums accusing Bitmain of either using second-hand equipment parts or selling second-hand miners altogether.

However, Bitmain has investigated the matter and declared that only one percent of already bought miners had computing power issues. The company has resolved to compensate some of the victims for $600 for each faulty machine.

Bitmain defended itself saying that during its marketing campaign it did not promise any exact values on the amount of money the equipment would generate. Terming the allegations as not misleading.

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