Optimizing Email Marketing Campaigns

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A business’ chances at making sales and staying profitable rests largely on its ability to convince people to buy/subscribe to their products or services, i.e. its marketing skills. Marketing is an important part of any business, so much so that large companies allocate vast resources for their marketing campaigns.

The scope of marketing has vastly changed in recent years, and with the evolution of technology, new forms of marketing like social media marketing, search engine optimization, content, and email marketing have emerged.

Of these, email marketing is the most effective form of marketing, providing direct access to potential clients and having one of the highest conversion rates. However, this form of marketing could be rendered ineffective if it is not executed properly.

Using the right tools

The rise of technology has simplified the entire email marketing process, making it easier and far more effective. And it has brought with it powerful tools like analytics to track the way clients interact with emails, which can be better customized based on client behavior.

Some parameters to look out for when using email analytics are: ROI, conversion rate and click-through rate. These parameters tell you if your marketing campaign is actually working, and Google Analytics supports sales funnel visualization, which shows if your email marketing campaign is actually helping clients get to the bottom of your sales funnel.

Another useful tool that should be utilized in any email marketing campaign is software or services that provide custom email lists. The reason for this is “targeting”. The more streamlined your customer base is, the easier getting their attention and providing a unique experience will be.

Every business caters to a unique set of customers. The businesses that can identify who these customers are — using marketing demographic analysis to narrow down and concentrate marketing efforts in order to obtain more effective results — are the ones that excel at sales.

That being said, streamlining your email list to include mainly potentials in need of the service you offer is a step in the right direction. But this is easier said than done, and building a list could take time; streamlining could take even more. This is why a service that offers a list of emails of target clientele is indispensable.

Last on the list of tools to optimize your email campaign is a mailing client. This is a service that allows you to compose, send, and receive mails. Clients built specifically for email marketing allow the sending of bulk emails and also come with other useful features.

Applying best practices

Craft catchy headlines: Emails with attention-grabbing headlines usually get higher click-through rates. This is because people respond more to headlines that spark curiosity or denote urgency.

Personalize content: Customers respond more positively to messaging when they feel it specifically addresses them. However, email lists could run well into the hundreds, and crafting content specific to each customer may not be feasible.

An easy but effective way to create such an effect without losing time is by using first names. This creates the effect of speaking to people directly. Another good practice is sending new customers/subscribers a personalized welcome message.

Don’t spam: Sending too frequently, or trying too hard to “sell” is seen as spam, and this is a big turn-off for customers.

Offer something more: Customers usually have their inbox filled with emails from several businesses trying to get their attention. To stand out, you’ll have to offer something more than the run-of-the-mill services. Businesses do this by giving discounts on products or a free one-month subscription for a service.

Check in regularly: Remind clients that your business is still very much around and active by sending regular emails filled with useful information about current happenings in your business.

The use of powerful tools, combined with the application of best practices, make for an optimized email marketing campaign that creates engagements and drives sales.

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