Our list of the best vape tank and how to choose them.

By Steve Drake

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1bThe SMOK TVF4 is one of the best vape tanks on the market because of its high quality of vapor and versatility, it does it all a top fill design that helps to fill it quickly an easily, an incredible airflow control and a huge range of coil options for those that want to use from 1 up to 4 coils each one with its own separate chamber for those wo really like clouds and the same coils you can find them in Ni200, Titanium and stainless steel so it can be used no both non temperature controlled and temperature controlled vaporizers.

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2.Aspire Nautilus

2bThe aspire nautilus is the best one for beginners since it is a long proven design having been years on the market and been the best-selling tank in 2014 is the one with the most information and followers. It does make respectable clouds and it also gives an excellent flavor, however it won’t make massive clouds think of this one as a constant performer always giving excellent flavor with its reliable and resistant design.

If you are new in the vaping community then you’ll want a tank that has a more familiar sensation and there’s where the nautilus excels with its air control and threads that will last for long.

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  1. Aspire Cleito Tank Kit

3bThe newest of the list and one of the most anticipated tanks the Aspire Cleito is a cheap tank that serves all kinds of users with it’s features being a top fill design and with 2 coil being a .2 ohms and a .4 ohms.

Now an interesting thing is that the Cleito does not have a chimney or a vape chamber because of it’s innovative design does not need to use it because the new coil design eliminates the need in the first place. All of this packed with the quality materials that define Aspire products with it’s Delrin drip tip, Pyrex glass and stainless steel structure are the leading edge examples that the Cleito offers.

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4. Moonshot RTA by Sigelei

4bThis RTA or RBA as you’ll know it is one of the best ones giving you the convenience of the dripper design with the portability of it’s tank.

Sigelei is famous because they always push the boundaries of what’s possible with their tanks and in this latest design proves to be true, the Moonshot RTA with a 2.2 ml tank you can enjoy all the qualities of a RDA with the convenience of it’s top fill tank.

The new design has a lot to give in form of the vapor quality and flavor by giving it two huge airflow holes and the elevated position of the coils just on top of the airflow ports gives the Moonshot the benefit of the enhanced flavor.

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5. Herakles Plus By Sense

5bWith the coil design inside the tank the heat of the coil burns through enormous amounts of e liquid so you can increase the wattage and heat of the coil and have no issues with dry or hot hits because of it’s liquid flow into the coil.

This means that the Herakles Plus maintains the quality of the vapor and the flavor with it’s 4.0 ml tank it is the biggest tank on this list and frankly one of the biggest on the market for a portable vaporizer giving this one the best option to use on the go or to share it with friends since it will last for long or to use it to make huge clouds.

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Among all the options there’s always more to be seen that just airflow or number of coils, in the end the tank that you want is always coming down to your personal preference, some may want something flashy like the sego Vhit or something more robust like the Aspire Nautilus but keep in mind that whatever option you decide on taking all of the tanks described in here are the best on the market and have their reputation to back them up as the best vape tank that they can offer.

Always remember to clean your tanks and take care of the glass chambers and coils since those are the most delicate areas of the tanks, still in case that an accident happened all of these tanks have replacement parts from their manufacturers.

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