Peter Sbaraglia Highlights Most Important Meal for Executives: Breakfast

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While the internet has done wonders for global business, it has also in many ways been instrumental in creating the never-ending work day, where constant emails pour in at all hours, virtual meetings are scheduled before and after business hours, and international markets need mindful tending no matter the time zone.

This never ending work day has proven taxing on many executives who feel they never leave their office and who many times find themselves eating takeout and vending food that lack the important nutrients and vitamins. Add to that the fact that gaining weight while sitting at a desk for long hours is easy, while losing weight in this way is not, and it’s easy to see that a growing number of executives and office workers are looking get in shape with gimmicks. We have all watched coworkers swap desk chairs for yoga balls or look into the logistics of switching their desk in favour of a treadmill desk that requires constant walking.

While increased aerobic activity helps to stay in shape, simply sitting on a yoga ball will not reverse the effects of eating grease-laden, processed food. As we all know, physical health is not only dependent on exercise, it is also inextricably related to what we eat.

Most people automatically begin counting calories in an attempt to better control weight. Unfortunately, studies indicate desk-bound jobs are among the worst when it comes to packing on the pounds, no matter how dedicated we may be to lowering our calorie intake.

Instead, executives and office workers should focus on what is important, and that is the nutritional content of our meals and snacks, as opposed to focusing on calorie count.

“We were born to move and whilst just breathing or shifting a computer mouse around burns calories, they won’t compensate for the number we consume in a day,” says Fiona Kirk, a nutritionist and author.

Kirk notes that those who spend their day in front of a computer screen seated at a desk need to really evaluate their diet to ensure it is offering the best nutritional benefits.

“To keep your metabolism firing while you are sedentary depends on a diet that keeps it nourished and that means eating more fats than you are probably used to consuming and a whole lot less starchy carbohydrates than you might imagine,” she adds.

Switching to whole, organic foods should be the goal of anyone looking to gain all the nutritional value out of every meal, this as highlighted by Ontario dentist and diet specialist Peter Sbaraglia.

Peter Sbaraglia, who has developed tailored meal plans for elite athletes for more than decade, is also quick to point out that many executives and office staff fail to start their day on the right foot, which then leads to bad eating habits for the rest of day.

“Maintaining nutritional health is a commitment that extends past office hours and on weekends too,” explained Sbaraglia. “Skipping the pot of coffee and having a healthy nutrient dense breakfast will get your day started the right way and carry you through to lunch,” added Sbaraglia.

Peter Sbaraglia also underlines that eating breakfast has been shown to improve overall attitude, increase concentration and enhance problem-solving ability, in addition to fueling one’s body properly.

“Studies have shown people who eat breakfast typically consume fewer calories and fat throughout the day and overall, compared to those who do not start their day off with a healthy meal,” he said.

Yogurt, fresh fruit and oatmeal (not the instant kind) can help jumpstart your metabolism in the morning and also make for good snacks throughout the day, as well as nuts, dried fruits and vegetables.

There is also a growing trend of business professionals eating two healthy, well-balanced meals a day (breakfast and dinner) and a few nutritional snacks throughout the day, which better facilitates their work schedule. There are also a number of people who swear by eating a handful of small meals a day.

“If you find regular small meals and snacks work better for you, focus on keeping them small and ensure that each one is light on grains and rich in protein, fats and vegetables or fruits,” says Fiona Kirk.

While nutrition and health is dependent on each person, experts are unanimous in recommending to ditch the junk food, sugar and starch and focus on food with nutritional value.

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