Polaroid 300 vs. Fujifilm Instax: Which Instant Camera?

By Rachael E Stout

Fijifilm Instax vs. Polaroid

Looked at all the reasons to buy an instant camera, but can’t determine which one? There are some differences in the Polaroid 300 vs. the Fujifilm Instax that you may not know. This guide is here to lay it all out.

Due to economic troubles, Polaroid quit producing their instant cameras in the early 2000’s. Fortunately, the demand for the classic quick print camera has lead to the rise of no-ink instant cameras. No-ink cameras dry quicker and are more cost effective. Two manufactures are vying for the top spot in the battle of Polaroid vs. Fujifilm.

Each camera has their benefits and downsides. Let’s discuss them.


Both cameras use the same size of film- 2”x3”, or about the size of a credit card. This makes them easy to fit inside of wallets or different photo albums.

The film is smaller than the classic Polaroid squares. Fujifilm does have a wide model available- double the size of other instant cameras.

The main difference in film is the price. With Polaroid film costing roughly twice as its competitor, you would think Fuji’s Instax the better choice. Fortunately, the films are interchangeable. So if you want that Polaroid 300, go ahead! (Just buy Fujifilm film).


Both cameras require AA batteries to run. Fujifilm 2 vs. Polaroid 4. Even though Polaroid needs more batteries, it is unknown if the 4 batteries will last longer. One thing is for sure, if you are planing on printing any amount of instant pictures, make sure you have extra batteries on hand.

Picture Quality

Both cameras have a 60mm focus with flash that adjusts for different types of light. While the quality is not as amazing as a digital camera, they are comparable to each other.

The Fujifilm Instax boasts a high-key mode, which lets you take brighter pictures with a softer look. It also has an automatic exposure measurement which signals to the camera the best aperture setting. This results in the best looking picture every time.

In comparison, the Polaroid 300 can also auto-adjust depending on the light. With four scene settings that allow you to adjust the based on the environment (a common feature in many digital cameras). Finally, you will also be able to manually compensate the exposure to allow the picture to have more light. These features allow the Polaroid to have better picture quality in different environments.

Ease of use

Both cameras’ need the photo packs to be loaded. After that you can click away! In fact, they are recommended for ages 8 and up, meaning that ease of use is a big focus. Because the Polaroid has more functions it might be a little harder to master; the Instax is probably the most out of the box ready.


The Polaroid camera is a little bigger. Colors have some variety: Polaroid’s 4 dark vs. Instax’s pastel 8 (they even have a hello kitty version).

Both cameras have a variety of accessories including: selfie attachments, cases, and thicker lanyards. You may want to shop around and see which accessories you prefer, as these do not work on the opposite models.


When it comes to the decision of Instax vs. Polaroid, your determining factor may be price. The Instax’s is the much cheaper option. The Polaroid is often price matched closer to Instax (so look for a good deal). Since these camera’s are so similar, I believe Polaroid costs more due to their brand name and additional functions. If you don’t mind going off brand, the Instax may be the best choice for you.


The Polaroid 300 and Fujifilm Instax have very similar design. They take the same pictures, are both easy to use, require batteries, and print the same size of film.

The Polaroid 300 has more features, is available in four colors, and costs more- as does the film.

The Fujifilm Instax is less feature rich, has eight available designs, and takes great pictures at an affordable price.

The film is interchangeable. Regardless of which camera you chose, make sure to get Fujifilm brand film. Any instant camera is sure to provide an enjoyable experience.

When considering weather to buy the Fujifilm Instax vs. Polaroid there are many factors to consider. None are more important than personal preference. Look at both and decide which one you are more likely to get the best use out of. Instant cameras are all about fun, and I hope you have hours of fun with yours.

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