Put Education First: How to Write a Professional Press Release for a New Business

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In this article, we are going to find out how to create a standout press release for a new company, as well as essential tips for doing that effectively. To begin with, what is a press release in the context of a startup? And why is it necessary to write it anyway?

To ensure your business’ presence, growth, and stability, it is crucial to consider building excellent relationship and collaboration with the media in today’s digital world. In any case, don’t underestimate the capacity of mass media outlets. At this point, its potential is absolutely unquestionable.

In order to get the exposure, one should promote a business in a smart way. While the format for a press release is basic, its content must be anything but. Because, more often than not, people read indistinguishable standard releases from year to year. Don’t make the same mistake. Be creative! Certainly, it is worth asking yourself: Is there anything new in my story? Anything unique?

Essential Tips to Write an Effective Press Release

For starters, a press release is a public relations announcement, which is distributed by different types of news media that aim to inform a target audience about newsworthy information regarding the launching of a company, its new product or service.

Generally, it consists of three parts. The first paragraph is called the head. We suggest you put the most important information here. The second one is the body. In this section, you should describe the event in more detail based on what you have stated previously. The third paragraph often contains some background data on the subject at hand.

Bear in mind that your text has to be well structured. Make sure to write it in accordance with journalistic standards. Its style should be appropriate, too. Work meticulously to keep it professional. If you are struggling to write a great press release for a company on your own, get some help from online essay writers.

By and large, the key to a successful press release is an exceptional story in the first place, along with great images. Additionally, make certain that your startup gets only quality media attention. For this reason, either print or online publications must be impeccable. It is therefore recommended to include exclusively first-rate material.

Note that a perfect press release is not simply a generic announcement or advertisement. It is much more complex than one can imagine, in particular, it is more likely a story, which must present some value for you in the first place; likewise, for readers who regard it from their own perspective. But the thing is, such a story must be compelling for everyone no matter what.

Another helpful tip is probably to avoid writing a press release like you would, for instance, an academic essay. First and foremost, think about your core audience, and try to adjust your text in line with its needs and expectations. There is no need to stress, of course, that your message should be clear.

How to Structure a Press Release for a Startup

A catchy headline is a must. It is better to spend a substantial amount of time on its elaboration. Many experts agreed on the point that it might be more reasonable to write down the headline at the very end of the process since it is easier to find the most relevant words on the basis of an entire work. By the way, it should contain appropriate keywords as well.

As it was mentioned at the beginning of the article, the first paragraph plays the most significant role. Besides, the first two or three sentences should summarize your entire press release, its essence, and thus your ultimate goal is to make it 100 percent engaging!

The whole point of a press release is to spread awareness of a brand-new company, its product or service. Which will not be attainable unless you could grab the attention of potential readers right at the start. That is why the best advice would be to keep the first part both concise and informative by including only key information on the topic. It is essential to avoid long descriptions by all means. At last, be sure to indicate accurate data concerning such serious facts as date, time, location, etc.

As you go down the press release, information becomes more detailed. So let’s get some insight into the second paragraph and its proper drafting. It should give secondary information, which could support the first paragraph. Don’t be afraid to expand on your initial story, if necessary. Although it is vital to write a comprehensive explanation, which answers so-called “five Ws”, i.e. five principal questions, such as who, what, when, where, and why.

Basically, you have to introduce your startup, describe who you are, what your mission is, what makes you different from the others, who your company is ideal for, talk about the benefits of using your product or service, and so forth. Though, at the same time, avoid covering every minor detail in your release. There must be some surprise during the actual event. Don’t forget to provide relevant links to your company’s website and other digital assets, too.

Also, you may include several quotes as it usually helps to increase a company’s credibility. According to Forbes, “no successful press release is complete without a quote from a key stakeholder in the company or an expert on the topic”. That being said, do your best to jot down a couple of good quotes. Plus, it might be advantageous to add hard numbers like figures or statistics. This approach is a winning move in terms of supporting your announcement, as well as to prove its significance.

A purpose of the third paragraph is to provide some complementary information. It should also include follow-up and contact data. Once again, the main objective of a press release is to present plain facts. Consequently, you should work hard on its ultimate presentation so as to engage a large number of readers, make it noticeable and memorable.

Make sure to write the word “end” in capital letters on completion of your piece of work, and “notes to editors”, a section where people usually put their website, email address, phone number, and so on.

How to Format a Press Release for a Startup

You should know how to format a release properly in order to ensure its readability.

The length of a press release varies from 300 to 1000 words. Preferably, it should be as the length of a short news item. No more. Indeed, try to keep your message to one page as it is considered to be more effective. Two pages is the absolute maximum. But, as a rule, the shorter, the better.

It is important to put a logo of a company right at the top of the page. Be sure to follow this advice! Furthermore, ensure that your text is double-spaced.

Add a boilerplate copy, a standardized text, which describes, roughly in a paragraph or two, the company, its history, purpose, team, chief locations.

Obviously, the press release must be grammatically flawless, otherwise, it will not be taken seriously. Proofread it several times. There is no room for mistakes.

And finally, it is a usual journalistic practice to signal the end of the press release with 3 hash symbols centering them at the bottom of a page.

Keep practicing! Share your knowledge!

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