Read Before You Buy: Winchester Gun Safe Reviews

By Briana Ward

Winchester Gun Safe Reviews

Whether you own five firearms of fifty, every person should have a secure place to store their guns and other valuables. It seems that every few years we hear in the news of another tragedy that resulted from a child having access to a gun that was not safely locked away, but tragic accidents are not the only consideration when looking at buying a safe.

Home invasion, fire, and burglary can all be guarded against with a high quality gun safe. With so many brands out there, it is hard to know where to start, so why not trust your valuables to one of the

Coming in at number one among Winchester gun safe reviews is the Ranger Deluxe.

It is a great choice for the individual with a large long gun collection, as well as other valuables that they want to protect.

The upper shelves make for convenient hand gun storage, and can also accommodate your nice jewelry and important papers that you want to preserve and protect.

The electronic lock makes for fast, consistent access so that your valuables can be quickly accessed. The electronic lock can also be programmed to the numbers of your choice, and makes opening the door a process that takes only a few seconds.

#2. Winchester Ranger Deluxe Gun Safe, 30 Gun Capacity 31-7-M

Winchester Ranger Deluxe Gun Safe 30 Gun Capacity 31-7-M

A slightly more economical choice, coming in around $1,500, $350 less than our top pick, is the 31-7-M.

This model offers all the same fire protection as the larger model, but has a traditional mechanical lock and a slightly narrower profile. Mechanical locks cost slightly less than their electronic counterparts, but are every bet as reliable, and many people prefer them for their classic looks.

This is also a smaller unit, four inches narrower than the 45-7-E, and 12 inches shorter. The 60” height will slide nicely in more discrete locations, such as a master closet that may have permanent shelving higher up.

#3. Winchester Ranger Deluxe, 24 Gun Capacity 19-7-M

Winchester Ranger Deluxe 24 Gun Capacity 19-7-M

Smaller still, our 3rd choice, the 24 gun capacity 19-7-M is another model receiving five stars among Winchester gun safe reviews.

This is an ideal choice for the person that wants the benefits of fire protection security, but needs a compact, more affordable option. The smaller size doesn’t mean sacrificing on fire protection, and it offers the same fire rating of 1 hour at 1,400 degrees as the top of the line models.

If minimal floor space is a factor, you would do well to consider this sleek safe, with base dimensions of 28”x30”, and a cost saving mechanical lock.

#4. Winchester Big Daddy Gun Safe, 54 Gun Capacity 11-E

Winchester Big Daddy Gun Safe 54 Gun Capacity 11-E

With a long gun capacity of a whopping 54 guns, this Winchester behemoth comes in as our fourth pick.

Consistently receiving high ratings among Winchester safe reviews, this safe is top of the line with a 75 minute fire rating, and plenty of room for handguns, long guns, and personal valuables.

At 42” wide, the 60” height still allows for plenty of storage space, and an added door kit means lots of growing room for your handgun and jewelry collections.

One of the more expensive models on our list at around $2,000, the ample storage space and exceptional fire protection make this safe a great long term investment.

#5. Winchester Ranger Deluxe, 19 Gun Capacity 19-7-E

Winchester Ranger Deluxe 24 Gun Capacity 19-11-E

Rounding out our top five choices, the 19-11-E is another trim, compact safe with all the features of the largest models.

Handguns and jewelry can fit nicely on the upper shelf or in a door kit, and like our number 3 choice, the petite footprint makes this a convenient safe when space is at a premium.

Slightly more expensive than the earlier choice, the electronic lock on this model gives you access to your firearms at the quick touch of a button.It maintains a 1 hour fire rating and is the perfect choice for anyone looking for quick, reliable storage on a budget.

The Winchester Ranger Deluxe also hold a spot on our Top 10 Best Gun Safes list.


So, after reading our Winchester gun safe reviews, are you ready to make a decision? This instructional video can help you determine what size safe is best for you.

With their different sizes and capacities ranging from 54 long guns down to 24, I am confident that one of our top five Winchester safes can be the perfect addition to your home.

You will be able to rest easy knowing your firearms are out of reach of your children, and your valuables are secure from fire or theft. Winchester has been a trusted name in American industry for over 150 years, and you can be assured that their quality standards are unbeatable.

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