RV TV Mounting Brackets To Keep Your RV HDTV Secure!

By Chuck & Nancy

Lumsing® Slim Low Profile Corner LCD LED Plasma Flat Screen Tv Wall Mount Bracket 14-42 Inches

Did we mention you better have your television securely attached to an articulating TV mount? In case we didn’t, now you know. It’s not unusual to have an This will very likely be the very last articulating TV mount you will ever look at because it is designed to fit just about any low profile television ever created.

This will fit TVs ranging in size from 14-inches to 42-inches and that is specifically LED, LCD, Plasma and flat panel televisions. In fact, the manufacturer boasts it fits 99+-percent of those so the odds are in your favour here.

As an added bonus, the durable black finish is stylish and the bracket is strong enough to hold up to 55-pounds of TV. The articulating mount is made of heavy-duty steel, has a built-in bubble to help you find level and is easy to install.

You can hang this anywhere people gather around in your RV for the best flat screen mounts available. Oh, and to make it extremely easy for people like us, Lumsing even included all the mounting hardware required including the screws!

rv tv mount

2) Mount-It! Slim Design TV Mount For Flat Screens, Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket For LCD, LED TVs & Computer Monitors

Mount-It! MI-2829 TV Mount For Flat Screens, Tilting TV Wall Mount BracketIt may not look like much but trust us when we say this is a pretty amazing little unit for RV TV mounting brackets. The manufacturer calls it simply, “functional” and there really is no other way to describe it.

This articulating mount will safely swivel, tilt and point at any area in the room it is sitting in. The low profile design is ideal for RVs as it does not take up much room allowing you to continue enjoying the things you normally do while camped somewhere without getting in the way.

The manufacturer says the tilting action comes in handy to fight glare, eyestrain and that sort of thing on your Satellite TV, but for us it also reduces back and neck strain. All the hardware you need to get this baby up and ready to use is included well, except the television, of course!

tv wall mount for rv

3) VideoSecu TV Wall Mount Articulating Arm Tilt Swivel Bracket for most 12-24″ TV Monitor Display

VideoSecu TV Wall Mount Articulating Arm Monitor BracketThe best thing about this swing arm articulating RV TV mount is that it can extend out to 14-inches. This means some serious viewing is possible when you mount your LCD monitor on it.

The arm folds flat against the wall and will hold up to 33-pounds. There’s a whole lotta tiltin, swivelin and twistin that your TV will experience once firmly attached.

The manufacturer also made the VESA plate removable so you can first attach it to your display and then to the wall mount arm. As far as we are concerned, this is easily one of the best flat screen mounts you will ever find.

rv tv mounts


Let’s face it, the last thing you need to pack is your TV. How would you wrap it and where would it go to reduce the risk of damage? You could sit it in a seat and strap a seatbelt around it but that means one less seat for someone else.

Luckily there are TV mounting brackets. These devices are created to hold your television and to keep it out of the way until you need it for viewing. The articulating TV wall mounting variety is great in that they can tilt and swivel into just about any direction for optimal viewing pleasure. Looking to install your own wall mount brackets, take a look at this DIY guide on YouTube.

The next RV holiday you plan, be sure to have your television firmly affixed to the inner wall of your unit. To make sure you receive maximum television reception, see our reviews of the best RV TV antennas . You’ll be happy you did once you get the blocks under your tires and check out the public shower facility.

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