Search Engine Optimization Requires Proactive Management

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Integrating Social Media Into Your Business Website

Using Modern Tech Solutions to Their Fullest Advantage

Online content marketing can help propel your brand into greater profitability. Running any business is essentially an uphill climb, and you’re going to need any advantage you can manage. As technology has become a more integral part of business, avoiding new solutions can end up costing you. The thing is, it’s a difficult field to navigate solo.

Many small businesses understand the prospective advantage which content marketing provides. So they try and figure out the best way to go about this developing field of outreach without the help of those closely monitoring its progress. They try to reinvent the wheel. While some successes may be experienced, this will ultimately lead to a lot of wasted effort.

A Multifaceted Environment

There are many different aspects of content marketing that require close attention. The size of the paragraphs, the size of the sentences, the words you use in the sentences, how portions of an article are divvied up, how many pictures you use, the links peppered throughout a piece of writing, where the blog or article ends up—there are many considerations.

What’s especially interesting is how the tech environment transitions over time. What worked at one time may very quickly quit working later. Consider a practice called “keyword stuffing” as an example. When search engines were relatively new, and content marketing even less established than its current burgeoning status, people used to saturate writing with keywords.

This got to the point where the content was essentially unreadable, and would clog up the results pages of a given search engine. Now Google, Bing, and other search engine solutions require that the results be relevant to those conducting a given search. If all they get are keyword-stuffed, unreadable nonsense, users quit trusting that search engine.

So the solution such search engines came up with was to establish algorithms which automatically check for keyword saturation to ensure it doesn’t over-reach established boundaries. Similar algorithms are used to ensure that content isn’t just “spun” by AI solutions.


Ten years ago, keyword stuffing would have been a nice, cost-effective way to push your content across varying search engines. Five years ago, you could probably get away with the utilization of certain AI-sourced content spinners. Today, neither method substantively works for SEO optimization.

What does work is using various professional services to buff up a given website so that it’s easier for a search engine to recognize, and your page gets higher listing on the resulting SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Additionally, you’ll want to have your content boosted via guest blog.

Certain blogs get established audiences; publishing your content on them increases its visibility to diverse potential clients. Another step that has proven itself worthwhile is updating, upgrading, and reposting content. Today this step works very well to increase your site’s traffic, but tomorrow will this still be the case?

Final Thoughts

The last thing to consider with content is that actionable solutions come with an expiration date. If you’re stabbing blindly in the dark trying to figure out what works best, you may find a solution which seems to work for a while, but then suddenly doesn’t. It’s like panning for gold by yourself in the Yukon.

But if you work with a professional agency, you’ll find it’s their business to help secure the latest solutions, and be ready for new transitions; like social media optimization. According to SEO facilitator Brown Box Branding, “…social media channels…boost your brand exposure and site traffic…” This is called SMO, or Social Media Optimization.

If you can find a group like this to help you inform your content creation, you’ll save time and money while expanding operations cost-effectively.

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