See Who Made the List of The Top 25 Plus Size Fashion Bloggers in 2016

By Erik Krupp

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After doing tons of reading and research, I have finally compiled what I would consider to be the top 25 bloggers that cover plus-sized fashion.

Plus sized fashion and bloggers that are covering this hot new topic are a hot new craze. Curvy women are starting to feel more comfortable with their body image. They are no longer satisfied with the scant selections of size 12+ clothes offered in many online and retail stores. As a result, they are actively seeking for fashion options and fashion and beauty advice. Because of this, they are searching on the internet for experts that understand fashion and beauty from the perspective of a plus-sized woman. The bloggers featured in my Top 25 list are such experts. I would recommend that you check them out. Some will resonate with your sense of fashion and some will not. I am sure, however, that you will find at least one or two blogs that will speak to your unique style and fashion sense.

Blogs that cover plus-sized fashion are some of the hottest sites searched on the internet.

The popularity of blogs devoted to plus-sized fashion is not surprising when you consider that 65% of American women are plus sized ( In fact, the average woman in the United States is a size 14.

Plus-sized women are frustrated and are actively seeking advice about fashion and beauty on the internet.

Although the plus-size apparel market is generating over $17.5 billion a year, there is a large number of curvy women that are still frustrated when they go out looking for fashionable clothes that will fit their body. Currently, only 17% of apparel sold in the US is available in a 12+ size. Because of this problem, many plus-sized women are actively searching for advice about what to wear and where they can purchase fashionable and stylish clothing. The bloggers featured in thin Top 25 List have also experienced their reader’s frustrations. Each blogger brings a unique perspective on how to complement their curvy body with beautiful and fashionable clothing.

Most of the bloggers in this Top 25 list have been featured in many of major fashion magazines.

Many of the plus-sized fashion bloggers in my top 25 list have appeared in major publications such as New York Times, New York Magazine, Vogue, Glamour Magazine, Refinary29, Seventeen Magazine, and Marie Claire and Redbook. Some them have also been guests on major television programs such as The Today Show, Dr. Oz, CNN Living, NY Daily News. The common feature of all of these bloggers is that they are all plus-sized. As a result, they have all had to deal with the difficulties associated with their size, including the difficulty in finding fashionable clothing and dealing with their body image.

In this list, you will find a very diverse group that will give you a unique perspective on plus-sized fashion.

One of my goals in creating this Top 25 list was to feature a diverse group. By doing this, you can get Some of these bloggers are professional plus-sized models. Another is a lawyer and Washington DC lobbyist. One blogger on this list is a television producer. The bloggers in this list also live in many different parts of the world including a variety of cities in the United States, North London in Great Britain, Australia, Canada and Japan.

The following is the list of the top 25 plus-size fashion bloggers in 2016.

Please note that you should not infer a hierarchy based on the numbering in this list. Each blogger brings a unique perspective and solutions to how they achieve beauty and fashion in their lives. As a result, readers will find that they resonate better with one blogger over another.

  1. Nicolette Mason

Blog Title: Nicolette Mason

Blog URL:

Nicolette is one of the top plus-size bloggers featured on shows such as the Today show, Good Morning America and New York Live. She also writes a popular column in Marie Claire called Big Girl in a Skinny World. Nicolette has also written fashion articles for The New York Times, New York Magazine, Time Out New York, Vogue Italia, Luck Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Refinary29 and Ell Decor to mention a few.

Nadia Aboulhosn Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Nadia Aboulhosn

Blog Title: Nadia Aboulhosn

Blog URL:

Nadia is a very beautiful plus-sized model that originated in NYC and now lives in LA. Besides modeling, she writes a blog devoted to fashion, beauty, and health. In her blog, she also includes her modeling portfolio where she was in Refinery 29, Women’s Running Magazine, H&M, Rebdolls, The Line by K, Evan’s Clothing, Nadia X Boohoo, Marie Claire UK, Evan’s Clothing, Seventeen Magazine, American Apparel, Addition Elle and Swimsuits4All.

Tracy Broxterman Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Tracy Broxterman.

Blog Title: BRXTRMN

Blog URL:

Tracy Broxterman is a 35-year-old plus-size blogger who studied fashion merchandising at the University of Cincinnati. Originally from NYC, Tracy was owned Domino Dollhouse which was a leading fashion brand in the juniors market. After closing Domino Dollhouse, Tracy then moved to California and now blogs about alternative fashion and her life as a plus-sized mother of two daughters living in Southern Orange County.

Karen Ward Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Karen Ward

Blog Title: Curvy-Canadian

Blog URL:

Karen Ward’s has been writing on her blog called the Curvey Canadian since 2010. She also has a store in Toronto called “Your Big Sister’s Closet.” The mission of both her store and her blog are to inspire plus-sized women to dress up to their fashion potential. In her blog, she features many beautiful 12+ sized models that are modeling dresses, tops, pants and skirts and swimming suits.

Curvy CEO Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Curvy CEO

Blog Title: Curvy CEO

Blog URL:

The Curvy CEO was founded by an anonymous plus-sized Washington, lawyer and DC lobbyist with a passion for style. She focuses her blog towards professional plus-sized women looking for fashion and beauty advice. Her blog also covers wellness and career advancement advice. The Curvy CEO also contains a directory of stores that carry plus-sized fashion.

Karen Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Karen

Blog Title: Curvy Girl Chic

Blog URL:

Karen is a plus-sized Asian American blogger born and raised in California. She started her plus-sized fashion and lifestyle blog in 2009. Initially, she created her blog to connect with other plus-sized women that were interested in fashion and shopping. Curvy Girl Chic has now grown to become a destination website for curvy women looking for style inspiration, shopping spotlights and the latest news regarding plus-sized fashion. Karen has been featured in both online and print publications including Lucky Magazine, Glamour Magazine Germany, People StyleWatch, Seventeen Magazine, and Marie Claire.

Mia the Boss Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Mia the Boss

Blog Title: Diary of a Fatshionista

Blog URL:

Mia is a plus-sized blogger with a degree in journalism that lives in Charlotte North Carolina. Her blog was created to share her passion for fashion across the world. Her blog’s mission is to break down the barriers of what is considered beautiful and sexy for plus-sized women.

Haley Hughes 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Haley Hughes

Blog Title: Fashion Haley

Blog URL:

Hayley Hughes is an Australian plus-sized stylist and Buzzfeed columnist. In her blog, she chronicles the unique fashion culture in various cities internationally. Her blog is a visual diary of her styling work and her travels throughout the world. Some of the things Hayley has been featured in include Cleo Magazine, German Life&Style Magazine, German Maxi Magazine, Desktop Magazine, In the Void, Worn Fashion Journal, ABC Art Nation, Sportsgirl Blog, Tangent Magazine, Cleo Magazine, The Sunday Age Magazine, and Scoutlook.

Deena Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Deena

Blog Title: Fat Girls Love Clothes Too!

Blog URL:

Deena primarily blogs about plus-sized fashion. In her blog, she provides a long list of links to other bloggers that are devoted to curvy women and fashion in general. Another useful thing she provides on her blog is a list of links to shopping sites that carry clothes for plus-sized women.

Tiffany Tucker Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Tiffany Tucker

Blog Title: Fat Shopaholic

Blog URL:

Tiffany Tucker is a 25-year-old plus-size blogger residing in Chicago Illinois. In her blog, she puts on photos of herself in various outfits. She also posts occasionally about personal style and beauty tips. As a writer, Tiffany has been featured in blogs and magazines such as;, New York Times, Silver Jeans, Maxi Magazine, Revista TPM Magazine, Time Out Chicago Magazine, Grazia India, Seventeen Fashion Blog and Cartel Urbano.

Ty Alexander Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Ty Alexander

Blog Title: Gorgeously in Grey

Blog URL:

Ty Alexander is a blogger that celebrates her grey hair and curvy body. Her blog covers everything from makeup, hair, skincare, nails, and plus-sized fashion, beauty tips and hair styles and much more. Ty has been featured on HuffPost Live, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, CNN Living, NY Daily News, Essence, Redbook, Ebony, Huffington Post, Black Enterprise and BUST Magazine.

Rachel Richardson Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Rachel Richardson

Blog Title: Lovely in LA

Blog URL:

Rachel blogs about everything from fashion to exercise. She describes Lovely in LA as a source of chic sophistication and style inspiration for fashionistas of all shapes and size. Rachael has always been concerned about the lack of fashion options for women whose size is 12 or higher. Because of this concern, she obtained degrees in fashion design and manufacturing. On Lovely in LA Rachael shows off her amazing wardrobe and celebrates her curvy body by modeling in dresses, skirts and tops, pants and blazers and swimsuits. Rachael has been featured in Talbots, Redbook Magazine, and Dare Magazine, to name a few.

Sarah Conley Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Sarah Conley

Blog Title: Style It

Blog URL:

Sarah Conley has established herself as a plus-sized fashion and beauty expert. She has been featured in countless publications and shows such as Fox News, The New Yorker, The Daily Mirror, CNBC, The Huffington Post, Refinery29, Fashionista, Jezebel, Plus Magazine, Buzzfeed, Refinary29, Chicago Tribune, US Weekly, The Washington Post and Fusion.

Pepper M. Martin Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Pepper M. Martin

Blog Title: Pretty Plus Pep

Blog URL:

Pepper devotes her blog to showing plus size women how they too can look as fashionable as their favorite celebrity or corporate mogul without spending tons of money and with minimal effort. Pepper especially likes mixing priceless vintage pieces with modern classics. She also works as a personal stylist, shopper and closet organizer. Pepper models many of her clothes in her blog posts.

Alissa Wilson Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Alissa Wilson

Blog Title: Stylish Curves

Blog URL:

Alissa Wilson has been the editor and Chief of the New York City-based blog called Stylish Curves for over three years. One of the primary missions of Stylish Curves is to show curvy women how to find clothes within and outside the plus size realm to achieve celebrity looks and to create their personal style. Its’ other purpose is to serve as a shopping resource for plus size women to find out the latest trends and celebrity styles in plus sizes.

During her career, Allisa has interviewed some of the top designers including Christian Siriano to Farah Angsana and celebrity stylists like Lori Goldstein. Alissa has also been featured in national magazines such as Essence magazine and on websites such as

Jai Marshall Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Jai Marshall

Blog Title: The Fat and Skinny on Fashion

Blog URL:

Jai started fashion blogging in 2009. Her blog “The Fat and Skinny on Fashion” emphasizes plus fashion, makeup, natural hair, shoes and beauty products. She also works as a freelance stylist.

Jeniese Hosey Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Jeniese Hosey

Blog Title: The Jenesaisquoi

Blog URL:

Jeniese is a thirty-something plus-sized blogger that lives in Birmingham Alabama. She created her blog to pursue her interest in writing about fashion. In her blog, she provides a good resource that contains a long list of her favorite fashion bloggers. Not all of the bloggers on this list focus on plus-sized fashion and beauty.

Kristine Thompson Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Kristine Thompson

Blog Title: Trendy Curvy

Blog URL:

Kristine is a plus-sized model featured in such things as the People Style Watch section of People Magazine, the swim special of Shape, Essence, Italia Vogue, Glamour and Fashion Bomb Daily. In her blog, she presents some of her favorite clothing, swimsuits, shoes and accessories for plus-sized women. She has been an active blogger in the plus-sized fashion genre since 2013.

Hanna Suhonen Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Hanna Suhonen

Blog Title: Hanna Wears

Blog URL:

Hanna is plus-sized blogger living in North London. She originally came from Finland and moved to England in 2009. Hanna has been blogging about fashion, makeup, shoes and accessories for plus-sized women since 2011. Hanna has been featured in Vogue Italia, Curvy, Buzzfeed, Post Bustle and Stylecaster. In her blog, she writes in both English and Finish.

Assa Cisse Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Assa Cisse

Blog Title: Curves and Curls

Blog URL:

My Curves and Curls is one of the top 3 plus-size fashion blogs in Canada. Assa shares her personal style, hair, beauty, thrift finds, and shopping deals, style tips and lifestyle news on her blog. An example of this is her advice on how to take 15 pieces of clothing to make thirty different outfits. She has been featured in Fashion, Marie-France, BussFeed, Essence, Huffington Style, The Every Girl, Lou Lou, Marie Clair, Redbook, and StyleCaster.

Ashley Richardson Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Ashley Richardson

Blog Title: This is Ashley Rose

Blog URL:

This is Ashley Rose is one of the premier plus-sized fashion blogs in Australia. She started blogging in 2012. She is a plus-sized model that has been featured in PlusModel, Elle, Curvy and Fashionista, In her blog, she visually chronicles her daily fashion and style journey.

Chastity Garner Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Chastity Garner

Blog Title: Garner Style

Blog URL:

Chasity Garner runs an image consulting business in California. In her blog, she provides inspiration and advice to plus-sized women that want to be fashionable and stylish. Chastity has been featured on, in the New York Times and Elle Magazine. She is also the author of a book titled The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Style.

Allison McGeva Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Allison McGeva

Blog Title: Inside Allie’s World

Blog URL:

Allie has been a plus size model for companies like Ashley Stewart, Fashion to Figure, Destination Maternity, Baby Phat, Kmart, Monif c., Igigi and Plus Model Magazine. She is also a reporter, author, producer, host, designer, and blogger. She wrote her blog to share her favorite fashions. In addition, Allie covers fitness, designers, clothing trends and much more.

Aisha Fairclough Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Aisha Fairclough

Blog Title: Fat in the City

Blog URL:

Aisha Fairclough is a Toronto-based television producer who blogs about fashion, style and body image issues for plus-sized women. She describes her wardrobe style as classic with a bit of quirk. She was the wardrobe stylist for the series Sex With Sunny Megatron. She has also been featured in Toronto Star, Metro, Etalk, Chatelaine Magazine, Refinery 29 , Huffington Post and

Ragini Top 25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

  1. Ragini

Blog Title: A Curious Fancy

Blog URL:

Ragini is a plus-size fashion blogger that has been blogging since 2010. She does not believe that curvy women should gravitate to “flattering clothes.” Instead, she believes that all women should wear what they want. In her blog, she chronicles her personal fashion and style journey over the last five years. A Curious Journey has been featured in Grazia, Marie Claire India, Bust Magazine, Buzzfeed, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, Teen Vogue, Bustle, and Cosmopolitan UK.

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