Six of the Easiest Ways to Resolve Workplace Drama

Six of the Easiest Ways to Resolve Workplace Drama

By Brooke Chaplan

Get any group of people together in one room, and you’re bound to have some differing opinions. It’s why there are 12 jurors for more serious cases. The idea being that if you can get 12 different people to agree with on something, it’s probably the right choice. Luckily, most workplace dramas aren’t as intensive as the latest courtroom battle, but you can work to cut back on unnecessary arguments when you use the following simple resolutions to correct and halt workplace dramas.

Don’t Engage in Hostility
Be the bigger person, and you’re more likely to get your way. Talk with the co-workers who are having an issue and either act as the mediator, or get a mediator to find an amicable solution to the problem. Explain that both parties will have to make a compromise.

Be Assertive, Not Aggressive
If you’re the object of the hostility, take the high road and be assertive. Speak plainly and express your wants and desires without demanding people meet your needs. You can express yourself in an adult manner without resorting to arguments or name-calling. Simply state your opinions without telling the other person they are wrong, and make sure you listen when they talk.

Learn to Communicate Effectively
While you shouldn’t be aggressive, you also need to avoid being passive. A passive person doesn’t state their opinion at all, and expects others to know what they are thinking. Eventually, this passive behavior could result in a blow-up. It could even result in losing a job or ruining what could otherwise be a good workplace friendship.

Offer Gifts for Any Inconveniences

If a co-worker goes out of the way to cover your shift or help you out, then make sure you thank them by bringing in a small gift the next time you see them. Even something simple like cookies or donuts if you’ve been out of the office for a while. This can help you bond with your co-workers and prevent disagreements starting in the first place.

Get Better Educated
Getting an organizational development degree can help you to build the skills you need to better management workplace incidents. Consider getting an advanced degree if you already have one, so you can better improve your job prospects and help with workplace conflicts.

Workplace tiffs can usually be resolved with a little pre-emptive action. Take the steps necessary to create a pleasant work environment, and work with your co-workers to develop healthy conflict resolution. This can greatly improve everyone’s overall satisfaction and happiness in the workplace.

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