Staff stickability — 3 firms that can enhance employee recruitment and engagement

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Finding the right talent for your firm, then ensuring they enjoy their working environment enough to stay and maximize their potential is a puzzle that perplexes the best business minds.

According to a survey by UK recruitment form Hays, 48 per cent of job applicants say they’ve been deterred from applying for a job due to a negative first impression of the organisation.

So first impressions are crucial — and once you’ve grabbed the best candidates, keeping hold of them is perpetual hard work.

If you’re struggling with staff stickability, here are three firms that can enhance employee recruitment and engagement.

AI recruitment

Recruitment campaigns are time-consuming, costly and sometimes compromised by the unconscious biases of hiring teams.

But recruitment analytics firm Career Spark harnesses the power of detailed candidate data and AI technology to rapidly make accurate hiring decisions that human HR staff swither over for weeks.

The company uses profiles of current successful staff as a benchmark for recruiting new staff and combines it with candidate information.

It’s then fed through an analytics algorithm that matches applicants precisely with roles according to three key criteria — psychometric alignment, education and experience.

Using this type of system ensures that each new candidate will slot smoothly into the company culture as well as performing well in their role.

Staff pensions and benefits

An attractive salary can be beneficial for reeling in new staff and keeping them hooked.

However, it’s a false economy if they have to spend s significant chunk of their wages on private pension schemes and medical insurance.

Bespoke employee benefits specialists Chancellor Financial Management devise tailored and tax-efficient employee benefits packages that incorporate pension provision, group life cover, group income protection insurance, key man protection and group private medical insurance.

A robust package provides peace of mind and may be more valuable to staff than a salary wittered away through large monthly deductions.

And when staff are aware that their company is helping them plan for a secure future, it can inspire loyalty and dedication.

Culture training

Creating and maintaining a positive cultural environment is a subtle yet effective way of promoting your company to prospective employees and preventing valued existing staff from moving on too soon.

But if you don’t define and role-model values-based behaviour from the beginning, it’s hard to remedy further down the line.

But cultural change training provider Corporate Culture Pros will analyse the current state of play, identify improvement points, and define a new culture which is cascaded from the CEO down and fed from the grassroots of the company.

This is achieved through a blend of onsite workshops, in-depth virtual training and leadership training that emphasises collaborative working, change management and creativity.

These three firms can help enhance your employee recruitment and engagement strategy so that you attract the right staff who will stick with you through thick and thin.

How does your company encourage engagement? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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