Startup Business Advice: Providing Employees With A Vision Of The Future

By carol

An important aspect of having a successful startup company is hiring and retaining key employees. A successful entrepreneur knows the most productive employees are connected to their careers with their head and heart. This makes it very important to keep employees happy with their work. When this happens, a company will have workers doing whatever is necessary to accomplish a company goal.


According to a survey, approximately 58 percent of employees believe they can develop and grow at their current employment. Every company is different, but success has some common elements. Entrepreneurs must effectively communicate their expectations to each employee. When a worker knows what is expected of them, they will know how to accomplish it. This will help them understand the company’s vision for the future. They will be able to focus their attention on completing short-term as well as long-term projects. An employee will be able to prepare their minds for current and future expectations. This will result in having workers who are excited about their career and their future opportunities with the company.

Handle Employee Complaints

Employee complaints can start very small but soon grow into a serious problem if not properly handled. This can hinder business operations. If employees don’t feel comfortable about voicing their complaints, it is possible to discover problems with an effective survey and more. Probing workers with a variety of questions can provide important results.

According to a study conducted by MetLife, over 46 percent of employees feel very loyal to their company. Companies have discovered employee frustration with everything from a company’s dress code to its policy regarding taking days off. When these things are addressed and corrected, it will create a more positive work environment. Employees will feel the company cares about things that matter to them. They will know important changes can take place that will make things better for them.

Communicate Direction

It is important for a company to provide guided direction for its employees. When many companies start, they are sole proprietors. At this stage, the entrepreneur is used to making all the decisions for the company’s brand infrastructure and architecture. They have all the ideas for the company’s direction in their mind. When a company grows and starts taking on employees, it is important each of them to know exactly with roles they have in the company. Things will go better when expectations and timelines are established. Measurable goals and objectives need to be effectively communicated.

Employee Motivation

It is important for workers not to feel exploited. This is influenced by the attitudes of management. This will come down to the reason an entrepreneur has started their business. If they only want money, fame or influence or to only benefit themselves, it will result in employees not feeling engaged.

It’s important to understand there is a difference between motivating workers and manipulating them. When employees needs are taken into consideration, they will feel better about their work and their life. This well result in employees who trust management to care about their future.

Celebrate Success

The business world is a very competitive place. Successful entrepreneurs know they can only succeed with the right staff. It’s important to acknowledge success and take the time to recognize the contributions of their employees. This communicates to employees that their work is valued. This can come in the form of public acknowledgments, personal notes and more. When the company succeeds, it’s important to celebrate it and include all the employees. This could involve everything from hosting a party to having an outing or even providing an unscheduled day off.


Employees enjoy being paid well and having good benefits, but they want more. When a company can provide their employees with a clear and compelling purpose as well as an opportunity to grow, the company will benefit. Being part of a team and working for a company they feel is fair motivates employees. It will keep them with a company for a long time.

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