Successfully Outsourcing Network Management Requires Access to a Live Technician

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In today’s world, outsourcing IT services is not only normal, it’s standard practice. Many small, medium, and large businesses rely on remote IT support, but smart businesses outsource to local companies who also provide access to an on-site technician.

If you’re going to outsource your IT services, here are all the reasons your outsourced services should also come with access to a live IT technician.

Hardware problems can’t be fixed remotely

No matter how much you love your outsourced IT services, a remote technician can’t replace a fried hard drive or swap out a broken networking switch. They might offer to walk you through replacing your own equipment, but if you’re not an IT specialist, that’s usually a bad idea.

Remote IT support is good for solving smaller, common problems like:

  • Error messages
  • Software launching improperly
  • Resetting passwords
  • Slow computer performance
  • VPN connection issues
  • Shared network drive issues
  • Adding and removing user accounts

Remote IT support also manages the following tasks for you:

  • Server setup
  • Network monitoring
  • Scaling resources on-demand
  • Generating automatic backups
  • Deploying backups during a disaster
  • Managing data security with anti-virus software and encryption tools

The following can only be done by a live technician:

  • Fixing a failed motherboard
  • Fixing a fried hard drive
  • Fixing a faulty modem or router
  • Fixing display problems
  • Repairing digital signage
  • Phone system troubleshooting
  • Printer problems
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Equipment installation
  • Emergency situations that you don’t have time to troubleshoot over the phone

You need both kinds of IT services – remote and on-site

Every company will experience a variety of problems; it’s the nature of technology. Some of those problems can be fixed by a remote support technician while others will require some elbow grease.

If you’re going to outsource your IT needs, search for a remote IT support company local to your area. A local company is more likely to provide on-site IT services in addition to remote support. Cover all your bases with one company. The first time you experience a physical problem your remote team can’t solve, you’ll end up frantically searching for a local IT tech on Craigslist. When you find someone local, they may not be immediately available and your company will have to suffer through some downtime.

On-site IT services help you maintain contact with the real world

Too many businesses get lost in the online world and fail to create and maintain real-world relationships with other businesses. For many, it’s just the nature of doing business in a digital world; everything is virtual, digital, and remote. However, not making personal contact with other businesses fails to strengthen business relationships the way in-person connections do.

Communication is easier in person

Remote work gets tasks completed faster, but outsourcing your entire business comes at a price. Internet-based communication is harder, although video chat puts remote communication somewhat on par with in-person communication. However, video chat doesn’t replace creating in-person connections that build strong rapport and trust.

While video meetings can give glimpses of body language, it’s not complete. People tend to sit still at a desk when they’re on a video call, and that eliminates the natural movement that would occur during an in-person meeting. It’s also more difficult to sense changing emotions through video chat since even the best video technology creates delays and distorted audio.

Face-to-face interactions are preferred

The people you do business with remotely might enjoy working from home in their pajamas, but research has shown that people prefer face-to-face meetings. For instance, data from an Embassy Suites survey published by Business Wire revealed that 97% of business travelers said face-to-face interaction is “the most important part of developing and maintaining strong client relationships.”

There’s nothing wrong with outsourcing your IT support needs. Outsourcing can be your greatest asset for saving time, money, and stress. However, when it comes to IT services, you need the best of both worlds; make sure your remote services also come with on-site support.

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