The 5 Best Crossfit Shorts You Need in Your Wardrobe

By Naser Mohd Baig

Best Crossfit Shorts FeaturedBest Crossfit Shorts Featured

When it comes to crossfit training, it is not only essential to have the best equipment and trainers, but also a great wardrobe to go with it! Nothing motivates athletes to work out more than an outfit that keeps you both protected and looking great in the gym. Bottoms are one of the most essential part of an outfit, ensuring that your legs are able to breathe during leg day, and that they won’t fall off when weightlifting!

With tons of brands to choose from, I’m sure you will want to grab all the pretty shorts in sight when shopping for the perfect gym outfit. Don’t burn a hole in your wallet and choose wisely, a there are some things to consider when getting the best shorts for crossfit training.

Here are the 5 best crossfit shorts for your workout needs:

1. 4-rth Eco Track Shorts

These may be considered medium weight, but it’s definitely the perfect pair of shorts to go for any weather or temperature. Withstanding various climates, you can use them either outdoors or in the gym without it wearing and tearing as easily. Made of quality material that helps with flexibility and stability, you’ll be able to have the freedom to move around and achieve the perfect form, may it be in lifting weights, yoga, or just about any other sport. It even has two pockets that can carry up to three tennis balls, so no need to worry about your small valuables lying around your workout zone or locker!

Nicely designed at just the right cut, you have a lot of colors to choose from, from gray to even something as bright as pink!

2. Sanabul Essential MMA BJ Cross Fit Workout Shorts

Lightweight and less baggy than the usual workout shorts, you will have a better time lifting yourself and training when wearing Sanbul’s workout shorts. They may have a thicker feel to them, but with less weight and stretchable material, you have a free range of motion and more ability to move around. Not only that, but it will definitely keep in place with it Velcro closure.

These are a durable pair of shorts that were made for the intense athlete, and with microbial treatment, you won’t need to worry about it growing fungus or any other bacteria going into it if training outside!

3. Under Armour 10-inch Raid Shorts

Made of 90% polyester, these shorts are comfortable and will be able to withstand heat with HeatGear fabrication and a UPF 30+ protection. So whether you’re in a hot gym or outside the field, there’s no need to worry about your legs burning up.

This is great for comfort and because it’s lightweight and breathable, you’ll be able to focus more on the workout than any outfit mishaps!

4. Pro Lifting Wear- Warrior X Gear

Extremely durable, these will surely last long no matter how intense the workout, still giving you the comfort you desire when training. With drawstring and Velcro for closure, no need to worry of it falling while on the run. It’s also got pockets if you need to put your phone or any little essentials you need to hold onto.

Stretchy and fits any size, it allows your legs to breathe and move around. And at a price half of what training shorts are usually sold as, it’s a steal!

5. Champion Men’s Crossover Short

For the champion in you, these pair of shorts allows breath-ability around your leg area while giving you the ability to move around without discomfort. It comes with a drawstring so it will be easy to adjust as you lose inches around your waist.

It has two side pockets for quick storage of phones and keys, and you’ll be able to machine wash it with ease. It comes in various designs and colors, so you’ll be able to choose whatever design you want to match your top!

Finding the best workout pants for crossfit training isn’t actually much of a difficult task; you can actually do it right in the comforts of your own home! All you need to do is check up on great deals online and choose the best crossfit shorts you feel that will help make your workouts more effective. You might even strike up some discounts along the way. All under $40, these shorts are definitely something that needs to be in your wardrobe for workouts and training.

The right pair of bottoms for your training is out there, may you be a beginner, or a pro-athlete. With the right outfit, you’ll be able to motivate yourself to keep going, and ensure utmost comfort when training! Have a more effective workout with the right shorts and your legs will surely thank you later. Once you are done with shorts, you can checkout our list of best shoes for cross training

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