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By Alice DeLong

best canister vacuum

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Canister (NR96)

A versatile vacuum is, for most people, the best kind of vacuum and canister vacuums are some of the most versatile vacuums there are. Depending on your home, a canister vacuum might easily clean your furniture, floors, upholstery and even your car. A canister vacuum will enable you to collect spilled cereal as easily as you get rid of dust and other debris. Picking the right vacuum cleaner is no easy task. If you want peace of mind and the assurance of a good quality product, the best thing is to buy the vacuum from a well respected and well reviewed company like Shark vacuums. Shark is one of the primary manufacturers of top-rated canister vacuums in the market. They supply a range of vacuums, including upright vacuums, cordless vacuums, and canister vacuums.

What Makes a Vacuum the Best Canister Vacuum?

The decision to get a canister vacuum will often depend on your cleaning needs and your budget. Canister vacuums are best suited for cleaning large rooms, particularly hard floors. The leading canister vacuums can dig deep in the carpets to remove all the filth, but not all canister vacuums are created equal. Due to their design, canister vacuums excel at cleaning drapes, stairs, upholstery and surfaces that are difficult to reach, such as underneath the furniture.

A good canister vacuum should have a strong suction, which will enable it to capture all the dirt and dust. A good machine should have a HEPA filtration system, which ensures the vacuum picks up and traps the microscopic dust and particles that cause allergies. Another important feature in a vacuum is its portability and versatility. The vacuum should be capable of maneuvering easily through the spaces you need to clean. Although bagless vacuums are a little noisier, they are incredibly powerful and tend to perform very well. Bagged vacuums are generally less effective at maintaining suction.

Arguably, the greatest canister vacuums make use of cyclonic filtration technology which enables the vacuum to efficiently remove dust and allergens. The other perk of having a vacuum that utilizes cyclonic filtration is that you won’t need to clean the filter. So you get a cleaner environment with less effort. The length of the power cord and the hose is another important factor to consider as an extended hose and power cord will make the vacuum more easily maneuverable. Clips along the vacuum base for attaching various tools is a rarely considered, but very handy, detail. That is because it saves on storage space and keeps the tools in easy reach at all times.

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Around Canister Vacuum

Currently, this NR96 model is one of the top-rated canister vacuums from Shark. It performs beautifully and is reasonably priced at just $250. It might sound like a lot if you’re just starting your vacuum research but some vacuum brands, like Dyson for example, can go up to $450 or more for a vacuum.

There is no doubt that Shark transformed the way this vacuum performs with the innovation of the Lift-Away functionality. This feature makes the vacuum cleaner incredibly versatile and makes cleaning your house is quick and easy. It uses Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology combined with HEPA filtration to eliminate and capture dust and allergens.

You can detach the wheels of the machine to activate the motorized floor tool when you want to clean certain surfaces. The motorized floor nozzle is best for cleaning those hard-to-reach spots, such as under and around the furniture. You can quickly switch modes to clean surfaces like upholstery, stairs, and curtains, something that is hard to manage with upright vacuums. To get started, you just have to attach the crevice tool and the dusting brush.

You do not have to worry about missing any dust or particles while vacuuming. The vacuum has a built-in LED light which allows you to illuminate the surface you’re cleaning, ensuring you get every last speck of dirt. You can switch from cleaning carpets to cleaning bare floors quickly by just pressing simple control buttons near the handle., and if you want to save on storage space, you simply attach the dusting brush and the crevice tool to the canister.

Here is a great video if you’d like to see those features in action:

The Pros and Cons of the Shark Rotator NR96 Canister

The pros

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Canister (NR96)

The NR96 model holds up quite well when measured against the requirements I discussed above for the leading canister vacuum. The NR 96 has nearly all the features that you might look for in a canister vacuum. It has a powerful suction, can clean hard floors, and uses modern technology like the Cyclonic Technology and the Lift-Away function to improve performance. The canister vacuum is detachable and comes with additional tools for carrying out specific tasks.

Compared to similar models from other top brands like the Bissel C4 Cyclonic 1233 or the Dyson Cinetic, the NR96 still stands out. It is a reliable canister vacuum that will do a great job cleaning your home without breaking the bank.

The Cons

There are only two potential cons to the Shark NR96. The first is that it is relatively heavy. Even when you detach the body to clean upholstery or stairs, the Shark NR96 isn’t very light and you may find the exercise to be tiresome. The second is the relatively high noise level. This is no whisper quiet vacuum and you may find the noise irritating.


The Shark Rotator Powered Anti-Lift canister is a great choice when you want to clean hard floors, upholstery, and the stairs. I would recommend going for it if you are looking for a reasonably priced vacuum cleaner, but one that will still clean your home of all dirt, dust and allergens. If you’d like to learn more about the Shark Rotator Powered Anti-Lift Canister vacuum, there are hundreds more canister vacuum reviews online you can check out. If you decide to research further, I recommend checking out more YouTube videos which are helpful in determining size and maneuverability without having to go check one out in person. No matter how much research you do or how many reviews you read, you’ll find that people agree the Shark Rotator Powered Anti-Lift Canister is an affordable and versatile vacuum and easily one of the best on the market.

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