The best clearomizer for vaping and making clouds.

By Steve Drake




5 ml



2.5 ml



4 ml


Aspire BVC

3 ml


Glass Globe

3 ml


  1. Aspire Nautilus

1cWith a resistant design and a good quality the Nautilus is the best one of the list because also it comes with the replacement of the ring, pyrex chamber tank and also an additional coil. The aspire nautilus has been the best-selling tank in 2014 is the one with the most information and followers. It does make respectable clouds and it also gives an excellent flavor, however it won’t make massive clouds think of this one as a constant performer always giving excellent flavor with its reliable and resistant design.

If you are new in the vaping community then you’ll want a tank that has a more familiar sensation and there’s where the nautilus excels with its air control and threads that will last for long.

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  1. Aspire Odyssey Mini Kit

2cAspire is one of the leading manufacturers of vaping tanks making the best clearomizer on the list an easy feat because of the quality control that they have as also the customer service where they will kindly help anyone with questions or damaged items quite probably from the transportation.

The Aspire Odyssey is for the ones that want to vaporize without graving too much attention with its small form factor and the ease of use is excellent for newcomers that want an all in one solution including batteries for their needs. The Odyssey has a replacement Pyrex glass chamber not rare on clearomizers because of the accidents that can happen however the glass is very resistant and it can take rough handling.

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  1. Herakles Plus By Sense

3cWith the coil design inside the tank the heat of the coil burns through enormous amounts of e liquid so you can increase the wattage and heat of the coil and have no issues with dry or hot hits because of it’s liquid flow into the coil.

This means that the Herakles Plus maintains the quality of the vapor and the flavor with it’s 4.0 ml tank it is the biggest tank on this list and frankly one of the biggest on the market for a portable vaporizer giving this one the best option to use on the go or to share it with friends since it will last for long or to use it to make huge clouds.

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4. Aspire BVC Tank (Bottom Vertical Coil system) ES-T Glass tank

4cWith this design the Aspire K1 is one of the easiest tanks for clouds to use, it comes with a coil placed on the bottom of the tank giving it a great e juice flow that helps to replenish vaporized liquid in order to give huge clouds in little to no time.

Easy to replenish and easy to maintain is the best option for beginners to cloud chasing as it helps to make an introduction to bigger and more powerful tanks, giving it an extra benefit of being small enough to be hidden or to be concealed easily, take in count that the center rod is an air valve and juice should not be put in there, the e juice is meant to be inserted on the sides and wait a minute or so to help the wick to get the juice before use.

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  1. Glass Globe

5cThe Glass glove from SEEGO is one of the best 510 threaded tanks because it gives the most volume for a thin vaporizer without being clunky compared to other tanks, since this tank is designed to be used with the other thinner vaporizers this one is for the ones that want to have an portable however single user tank and this is where it excels, working with most vaporizers and not only with e juice but also wax is the only one of the list that has this kind of versatility.

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The clearomizers are the tanks that you want to show to every one of your friends and the ones that you want to hide in public because of the ease of use and portability these are excellent for the ones that like to vape on the go with or without company. The vape clearomizer that you will get is the best option for vaping for long times since it can be refueled quickly and quite frankly in my opinion looks great, I can see how the liquid vaporizes and it’s the reason why I love them.

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