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The internet has been around for many years now, and those who have the knowledge of how to make a living off of it can call themselves pretty lucky. With so many different websites popping up, one would think that there is no limit to the possibilities. While it might be true to some extent, the fact of the matter is that most people who start out end up failing. There are plenty of factors that cause this to happen, and one of them is being unable to pick the right platform. On the surface, it might not seem like that big of a deal, but it matters more than you think. Whether it is a drop shipping business or selling your own merchandise, you need to pick the best possible platform. For those who have very little or no experience, a list below should be a great piece of information.


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Established in 2004 in Canada, Shopify has been a solid choice for quite a lot of people. Everyone who has dabbled in internet marketing has heard about the platform. The staff behind it have plenty of experience in keeping up with the most recent trends and understand what the customers’ needs are. Print on demand Shopify app is one of the many examples of great extensions available out there, and it is no surprise that the likes of Printify are official partners of the platform.

As expected, it has some downsides too. Most of the good stuff costs money and tends to use a monthly subscription model. While this might not be too bad for an already established website, beginners might consider looking elsewhere.


The platform has been around for about ten years now and has earned the name for itself. The likes of Liverpool FC and Burger King have their websites running on Magento. It is a perfect choice if you want unlimited customization options and free social media extensions. However, it should be noted that this platform is not for everyone, as it requires coding knowledge. Those who have experience as a software developer or the like can take full advantage of what Magento has to offer, whereas regular people might want to explore other options.


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According to the most recent information, more than fifty-five thousand online stores have used BigCommerce to make their websites up-and-running. This number grows every year, which is a testament to how good the platform is. Some argue that it might be the best ecommerce platform for small business, as it has a staggering number of built-in features and no transaction fee. The installation process is more or less hassle-free and requires no coding knowledge. You have a choice of more than enough plugins and themes, both free and paid.


While WooCommerce is not a platform itself, as it is part of the WordPress world, there are still more than enough users who rely on it every single day. Perhaps the biggest attraction point of WooCommerce is a secure payment gateway and the admin panel which is really easy to manage. However, it has some drawbacks. Once you start to scale, you will experience the limits of the plugin and the platform. Unless you have knowledge of how to use WordPress, it is likely that you will notice a slump in profits at some point.


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Among everything mentioned before, this one is without a doubt the least-known platform. It would probably be better to consider it as a do-it-yourself sort of thing, given how easy it is to customize a website using TicTail. And while this is great, the fact that you need to pay commissions to the platform for every sale is one of the reasons stopping it from becoming more popular.

To make a conclusion, it would not be a stretch to say that everyone has more than enough options when it comes to choosing a platform. It is only natural that different people have different needs, and want one that suits them the best. Therefore, before you pick one yourself, be sure to gather as much information about each and every one of these platforms.

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