The Best Feather Pillows That You Can Sink Your Head Into

By Mary Lancet

down&feather original soft feather pillow

One of the many endearing scenes in the blockbuster hit ‘Despicable Me‘ features a little girl squealing “it’s so fluffy!” as she runs to embrace a pet. The best feather pillows will bring that same reaction out of adults as they embrace the softness and fluffiness that are defining characteristics for these luxurious pillows.

At the same time, to be the best feather pillow it also needs to be large enough and full enough to provide ample support and firmness. Having the best feather pillow will ensure that even if you can’t fall asleep, at the very least you’ll be more comfortable than you’ve ever been before. These five top rated feather pillows are some of the softest and fluffiest pillows that you could imagine, without compromising on support and firmness.

1. Down & Feather Original Soft Feather Pillow Standard Size

Finding the right pillow that works for your sleeping style is only part of the pillow search. Down & Feather Co. has one of the top rated feather pillow markets on the market.

Their medium feather pillow is a high quality feather pillow and the company also has glowing reviews for their customer service. One major aspect to finding the right pillow is to find a company that has a good reputation, especially given that pillows should be replaced regularly.

If your feather pillow isn’t what you expected it to be you can take advantage of their “Perfect Pillow Policy”, which allows you free pillow adjustments for one year after your purchase. Their pillow is just as soft as a feather pillow should be and if you need something firmer, you can contact them to customize the firmness.

2. Puredown Quilted White Goose Feather and Down Pillow

Have you ever been enjoying your feather pillow, only to suddenly feel the uncomfortable prick of a feather?

The best feather pillow is one that makes sure you never even feel the feathers in it. Puredown has created this high quality feather pillow with double layered fabric to ensure that nothing disturbs your comfort.

Fluffiness is the key word for feather pillows and this pillow is about as fluffy as it comes. For those who don’t want to compromise on the softness of feather, but also need firmness, you can bunch up this pillow to make it firmer. Whenever it starts to naturally go flat, it’s incredibly easy to fluff it back up again and continue snuggling in its softness.

3. Balichun Down Alternative Bed Pillow

Down pillows and feather pillows both are incredible pillows. That’s one reason why it’s so impressive that Balichun has created a pillow that is 100% goose down and 100% goose feather. It takes one of the best feather pillows and adds the luxury of down to it.

This pillow is large and thick and will provide you with softness and support. Side sleepers will especially be grateful that they don’t have to lose out on softness in order to get the support that they need.

You don’t need to be concerned about the pillow flattening out over night as you sleep. At the same time, you don’t have to feel like you’re sleeping on a brick or a plank of wood. Given the size of this pillow, you also won’t need to resort to using multiple pillows to get optimal comfort.

4. Down and Feather Blend Pillow

Betterdown is another company that has combined down and feather to create a feather pillow that is soft and supportive. One of the challenges when looking for soft pillows is that they can sometimes have too much “give” as you’re sleeping, which results in your head slowly sinking down during the night.

A problem with down pillows is that they can be notorious for having too much “give”.

The firmness that the feather and down combo brings makes it so that your head sinks down into the pillow just enough to be comfortable, without going completely flat. You won’t have to worry about a stiff neck anymore. It is also fairly large, as the best feather pillows are, and will work great for side sleepers.

5. Royal Luxure Premium Feather and Down Blend Bed Pillow

A good feather pillow will have a full shape that gives in just enough to the weight of your head, but also retains its shape during the night.

Royal Luxure continues the trend of feather and down pillows with a premium pillow that will do exactly that. It will remain full and shapely without being uncomfortable and stiff. They also add an incredibly soft cotton cover to their pillow.

Given that feather and down pillows are already soft, the cover makes this pillow even more comfortable than it already naturally is. For those of us who struggle with neck problems, using Royal Luxure’s pillow will feel like a sweet relief from pillows that leave you with neck pain in the morning.


Hopefully out of these best feather pillows reviews you’ve found one that will work for you. It’s difficult to beat feather pillows when it comes to softness and comfort. Luxury and restfulness are the top priorities for these pillow companies and you’ll find that having a comfy and fluffy pillow is the epitome of luxury and relaxation.

Whether you go for a traditional feather pillow or decide to try out one of the down and feather combinations, you’ll be more comfortable than you’ve ever been before. Although anybody can enjoy feather pillows, those who have neck pain will find that they can get the support that they need and the comfort that they want.

The best feather pillows show us that supportive firmness and soft comfortability are not exclusive to each other, but can go hand in hand. Go ahead and hold your feather pillow as tight as you can, exclaiming to everyone around you “It’s so fluffy!”

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