The Best Financially Friendly Cars for 2016

By Kevin Faber


2016 has been a great year for the automotive industry. With consumer confidence on the rise, there are many more car buyers who are willing to purchase new cars instead of leasing or purchasing used cars. This is great news for car manufacturers worldwide.

A large section of the buyers market in the automotive industry happens to be family cars. Auto manufacturers are well aware of this market segment and have created some amazing family cars for 2016. These family cars are becoming much more advanced each year while continuing to be affordable to the average middle-class family around the world.

Honda Civic

The civic has been a very popular car around the world for many years due mainly to the reliability of this car. With 42 MPG highway, the Civic is a very great option for those who are looking to save money on gas while also being environmentally friendly. The hatchback and sedan models are more practical options for families due to the additional cargo room and seating.

Honda has won multiple awards due to the safety and efficiency of the 2016 Civic. The luxurious interior will help drivers feel as though they aren’t just settling for a run of the mill family car. This is a beautiful and luxurious car that can be a part of the family for many years to come.

Toyota Corolla

One of the most reliable names on the road for decades has been Toyota. Their reputation of keeping cars on the road for multiple decades has been closely linked to their success with the Corolla model.

The 2016 Corolla has continued on with this time-honored tradition with some of the most reliable manufacturing available in the automotive market today. The body style of the new corolla shows a beautiful evolution from previous models. The sleek design allows for your family to feel up to date on the road with the latest in automotive style.

The Corolla has proven to be one of the safest cars for your family, as well. With a large interior, your family will have an easy time on road trips and daily commutes. You will have more money in your budget for fun things when you start to save on your gas budget. With 42 miles per gallon, the average family will be able to budget only 25 dollars a week with gas prices as they are today.

Drivers will also save a great deal of money on car insurance while driving a Corolla. This model is a very inexpensive option when it comes to recurring insurance fees.

Chevy Tahoe

Chevy has been bringing America some of drivers most loved cars for many years. The Chevy Tahoe has been a mainstay in Suburbia that could almost be written into a novel staring a happy family. The new 2016 Chevy Tahoe has an elegant and rugged design which makes it a powerhouse on the road.

The Tahoe is also a great option for families who live in an area where harsh weather could be an issue. Four-wheel and all-wheel drive are great options that allow families to feel safe during hazardous weather conditions. With 4G LTE wi-fi built in, the Chevy Tahoe has become a favorite for road tripping families. This 4G LTE will keep children occupied on long drives and give business savvy parents a chance to catch up on their work during their turn in the passenger’s seat.

Honda Odyssey

While mini-vans aren’t driven as much as they were in the past, the Odyssey is still a popular automobile that is attracting many different drivers. One of the main reasons individuals choose the Odyssey is the added space, safety, and cutting edge technology available in this beautiful mini-van. Honda has done it again with this great mini-van. When it comes to family-friendly cars, Honda has a great way of making cars that are amazing for families all over the world.

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