The Best Folding Knives That Get the Job Done

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best folding knife

Different situations call for different types of knives. Certain knives are ideal for more mundane everyday tasks, while others are better for keeping on hand for self-defense and the possibility that you find yourself in an emergency situation and need to arm yourself. Pocket knives, which fold, are great for either of these use cases: since they fold they are more discrete and a great item to keep on hand in case you find yourself in a sticky situation. And what’s more, they can also perform those regular utility tasks whether you’re at home or out in the wilderness.

Some people still think of pocket knives as weaker and only suitable for light tasks, but this is not always the case: there are a variety of high quality folding knives out there that can handle quite a bit of heavier stuff and still conveniently fit in your pocket. Of course, larger fixed blade knives are stronger and more durable and thus better for those really demanding tasks, so you’ll want to be sure you have a good idea of what you’ll be using your knife for. Since there are plenty of options for the best folding pocket knife, we’ve sifted through the masses and have some recommendations to share with you.

When identifying the best folding knives, you’ll encounter several differing characteristics, ranging from the shape of the blade to the materials used to the opening and locking mechanisms, and all of this can greatly affect the price as well as the knife’s effectiveness in a particular situation. Let’s now take a look at some specific knives.

Few knives are more iconic than the classic Swiss Army Knife, and if what you need is a compact and convenient blade with some extra features (like scissors, a corkscrew or a nail file) added on, it’s your best choice. Its expert Swiss engineering has been honed over decades of manufacturing and the result is a sturdy tool that will never weigh you down.

2. Gerber EAB Pocket Knife

gerber eab folding

The Gerber EAB pocket knife is very small at a closed length of just 2.4 inches. When folded open, it measures in at 4.1 inches. The knife also has a liner lock to keep you safe during use. Overall, it’s a great everyday carry knife and it easily lets you swap in either standard or contractor grade blades depending on how rough of tasks you put it through and need to replace.

3. Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS

smith and wesson

This Smith & Wesson folding model is in the middle for both size (3.6 inch blade and a 5 inch handle) and price point. As its a bit larger, it isn’t quite as light and discreet as some of the other options, but it’s still suitable for everyday carry. Its edge is partially serrated for versatility and the blade is 4034 stainless steel. Its spring assisted opening makes it easy to open the knife with just one hand.

4. Buck 100FG

buck 110

The Buck 110 is a top rated folding knife that’s great for hunting and other outdoor tasks. It boasts a 420HC steel clip blade that measures 3.75 inches and has a crescent tip with a strong point. The knife gives you the strength you need for a tough task, but at 4.75 inches closed length you can still slip it into your pocket or bag easily. This model has folding grooves which differentiate it from the regular 110 which is also a classic choice for a folding knife.

5. Spyderco Civilian Handle Serrated Knife

spyderco civilian

Folding knives can run the gamut from a smaller tool for doing tasks around the house and while camping to a formidable weapon that still folds up and fits in your pocket.

The Spyderco Civilian G-10 is an entry in the latter category: it’s an elite knife with incredible cutting power due to its reverse S blade and extra fine blade point. Who says you need to go huge to get elite performance?


In conclusion, we’ve seen a variety of great pocket knives which are ideal for different purposes from the light to the heavy. Accordingly, they cover all price ranges. When you’re trying to pick the best folding knives for yourself, it’s a must to take stock of your specific needs and then match that to a knife that can perform the job. Folding knives can do quite a lot, and although there are almost endless variations out there, the recommendations on this page give you a great look at some major categories. A couple final words of advice: look to see what warranty the manufacturer offers, especially if you’re planning to subject your knife to some heavy tasks. And take a look at the laws for carrying and concealing knives in your state. Some prohibit knives over a certain blade length, like 2.75 inches, so make sure you don’t put yourself in a situation where you could get in trouble.

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