The Best Hobie Fishing Kayak Reviews for Professional Anglers

The Best Hobie Fishing Kayak Reviews for Professional Anglers

By Daniel Ak

With so many brands of fishing kayaks available in the market and a bewildering amount of reviews written on them, selecting the best one can certainly be a challenge. Whether you are a novice kayak angler or a professional looking for expert recommendations on the best kayak brand, you have certainly stumbled upon the right place. Here we will provide a review on one of the best Kayak brands that you can buy in the market. We are talking about Hobie Fishing Kayaks, considered one of the best kayaks by professional and novice kayakers alike.

Why Choose a Hobie Fishing Kayak?

Hobie fishing kayaks are known for their impressive cruising speed and fast acceleration. This is despite the fact that the kayaks have a large storage capacity for holding different types of fishing gear. A number of the Hobie kayaks feature a seal and twist hatch that provide additional space for the anglers. The top of the range Hobie kayaks boasts of dual steering that allows more than two persons to control the kayak at the same time.

Some of the best Hobie model kayaks also feature a retractable rudder system. The advantage of having a retractable rudder is that it allows for better tracking and control under different water conditions. The rudder in these kayaks can be engaged and disengaged easily by quick pull of the control handles.

Another advantage of Hobie kayaks is that most of them come with padded front and back seats. This ensures maximum comfort to the riders. Some of the kayaks also feature self inflating lumbar support for optimum ergonomics.

Finally, a great reason to select Hobie model kayaks is that they are made of rugged materials and parts that ensure long lasting and durable life of the kayak. This more than makes up for the rather steep price of the kayak as compared to other brands.

Hobie Kayak Prices as Compared to Other Brands

Hobie fishing kayak prices are on the higher end of the spectrum. However, the kayaks built by Hobie are made of rugged materials and parts that ensure long lasting and durable life. This more than makes up for the relatively steep price of the kayak as compared to other brands.

Below we have presented Hobbie fishing kayak reviews that will give you an idea about the prices of the kayak brand available in the market.

1. Hobie Mirage Inflatable Single Kayak i9s – 2015

The Inflatable Hobie Mirage i9s is one of the smallest and also the lightest kayak made by the kayak manufacturing company. Some of the highlights of the kayak include stow and twist rudder system, roller storage bag, and bungee tie downs at the back for additional storage. The kayak also comes with comfortable seat, air pump, repair kit, and MirageDrive paddle.

2. Hobie Quest 13 Kayak

Hobie Quest 13 is another top of the line kayak that boasts a number of exciting features and options. The kayak has an on hull storage that allows you to store all kinds fishing gear. The kayak boasts of adjustable foot braces that provides better control during fishing. There are two rod holders that are molded in the kayak. Also, the cargo area of the kayak feature bungee tie downs that most kayakers find to be very useful feature.

3. Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 Kayak

The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 is powered by an extremely convenient pedal system. It is the kayak of choice for professionals as it is suitable for different styles of fishing. The Vantage ST seat offers great comfort and stability to the rider. There is a space for storing up to six rods all of which are within easy reach of the rider.

The latest model Mirage Pro kayak feature state of the technology not find in any other branded kayaks such as H-Rail mounting system, Tracking keel, and fishfinder device. The best thing about the Kayak is that it is powered by an innovative Glide Technology pedal drive system that frees up the hands and makes kayak fishing easier and more comfortable. The seating of this state of the kayak offers one of the most comfortable rides that you can experience while wading through water.


With Hobie kayaks, one thing is certain – you get what you pay for, every kayak being of premium make. The kayaks are popular among anglers mostly for their maneuverability and stability. But when one considers the speed and additional control offered to the riders, Hobie kayaks are in a league of their own. Not many brands can compete with Hobie kayaks when it comes to comfort, speed, and stability.

Additionally, the kayaks are suitable for a range of water conditions including rapid waters and high wind conditions. Although the Hobie kayaks are priced relatively higher, the features and benefits included in it more than make up for the higher price.

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