The Best MCT Oils

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best mct oil

Coconut oil burst onto the market as a multipurpose product a couple of years ago. What was once used as a restorative hair conditioner is now popular in many kitchen cabinets as a healthy alternative to vegetable oil and many other cooking agents. So, what’s MCT got to do with

1. Viva Labs

One of the best mct oils on the market is the Highly Concentrated MCT Oil from Viva Labs. An immediate advantage of this product is, quite simply, price point. At around just $17.00 for 32 fl oz. Viva definitely lead the way in value for money. This oil is eager to establish itself as a 100% natural product, with no use of artificial chemicals in the making and can be used in cooking, as an exercised aide when taken direct from the bottle, or even as a coffee additive to minimise a caffeine crash.

sports research premium mct oil

2. Sports Research Premium

A little higher price point bring us one of the best MCT oil brands around. This bottle retails at around $32 but for that you get 32 fl oz. in a BPA free bottle for the green-minded of you. It’s been given the go ahead as vegan-friendly by the Vegan Society and is fully non-GMO. Looking at MCT oil reviews for the Sports Research brand it’s had positive effects on users including being a great aide to a Ketogenic diet, increasing energy levels and being easily blended into a range of recipes. Some customers found the poor cap on this product a little tricky but overall it’s a leader in the market, with the super subtle taste really scoring points.

la lune natural mct oil

3. LaLune Naturals

LaLune delivers one of the best MCT oils on the market for personal care use. Sold as 100% pure fractionated coconut oil this product doesn’t leave a greasy texture behind and is perfect for using as a massage oil, eye-makeup remover, skin or hair moisturizer, and even a natural deodorant. To make the versatile oil a little easier to use, LaLuna have packaged it in a handy pump action bottle meaning no spillages and easy access. Plus, at around $14 for 16 oz. it’s priced well too.

piping rock mct oil

4. Piping Rock

Want your MCT oil in bulk? This oil from Piping Rock comes in a huge 64 fl oz. container and retails at around just $26. If you find yourself using MCT for skincare, haircare, coffee boosts and even frying then you’ll need to stock up and this large container is filled full of long chain fatty acids and is hydrating for the skin too.

MCT oil reviews for Piping Rock are generally positive although there are some mentions of a slight bitter taste. Its great value for money though so there’s no need to be thrifty in your usage.

now sports mct oil

5. Now Sports – Supplement

MCT oil doesn’t just come in a bottle, there are supplements available too. These can be used as good fats to be easily broken down in the body, just like regular liquid MCT. Researching best MCT oil supplements, Now Foods’ 150-capsule container is top of the list for customer feedback. Users reported increased energy levels and had high praise for the convenience of being able to get their MCT dosage through a capsule rather than a liquid.


MCT is a clear winner in terms of its versatility. As a derivative of coconut oil, it shares many of the same benefits to hair, skin, diet and overall energy. To truly reap the benefits its best to look for a product which is 100% natural and contains long chain fatty acids, to ensure they’re absorbed into the body with ease. If you can get yours in a BPA free bottle, even better. Bulk buying could be sensible because with so many uses, you’re sure to go through this stuff pretty quickly. For those of you who are always on the go, try out a capsule supplement for the same benefits but without the fuss.

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