The Best Memory Foam Pillow To Buy Today

By Mary Lancet


Sleeping is a very important but underrated part of our day-to-day cycle. A lot of things contribute to a good sleep at night but none more so than the pillow that you choose to sleep on. As a result, it always advisable to have the best memory foam pillow.

The top memory foam pillows usually offer support for your head and neck that’s unmatched due to the fact that the pillow can adjusts itself to your body by taking on a shape that suits you. Memory foam pillows are in fact made out of polyurethane thus making them more pliable. In addition, polyurethane gives the pillows the shape-shifting abilities

If you toss and turn while sleeping or if you have back and

Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow, King Size




Z By Malouf Memory Foam Molded Contour Neck Pillow




sleep joy viscofresh memory foam

Sleep Joy ViscoFresh Memory Foam





Sleep Master 2-Pack Traditional Memory Foam Pillows




coop home goods shredded memory foam pillow

Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow




Below are the memory foam pillows reviews:

1. Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow

The Conforma memory foam pillows have long been one of the best memory foam pillow for neck pain. Based on the huge consumer satisfaction ratings, it appears that consumers agree.

This pillow normally works by responding to the pressure and temperature of the user. The pillow molds effortlessly around the user’s neck and head. In the process, it counter-balances the weight and supports you all through the night. The Conforma has a medium as well as firm feel, it is not fully plush yet it’s a little softer as compared to a firm pillow.

It has been manufactured from the premium ventilated memory foam that helps to promote airflow. This allows a person to keep cool when sleeping. In case you suffer from the allergies, worry no more since the Conforma memory foam pillows are naturally hypo-allergenic. Moreover, they are absolutely perfect for back and side sleepers.

The main features of Conforma memory foam pillows are:

· They offer maximum breathability

· Great for side and back sleepers

· They have the knit fabric cover that promotes airflow

· The memory foam pillows perfectly contours to the head

· hypoallergenic

· 3-year warranty

2. Z By Malouf Memory Foam Molded Contour Neck Pillow


The memory foam pillow is well-known for its versatile and therapeutic features. When in use, the pillow relieves the body from any ache and pain because of the pressure reduction technology. In addition, its ergonomic contour design aligns perfectly to the spine thus giving you ample support based on its curvature towards the neck, shoulders and head.

This memory foam pillow definitely gives good health promotion whenever it comes to getting an excellent sleep as well as a good sleeping position. The pillow also prevents any allergies since it’s dust and mite resistant. It also possesses anti-microbial features.

Standard sized Malouf memory pillows come with a washable and removable cover which is both smooth and soft. It is also made of velour which is of great quality. Furthermore, the pillow gives a cooling effect that maintains your temperature all through your sleep.

The exceptional contour design provides much comfort as well as treatment for certain sleeping problems. It also promotes proper sleeping positions thus relieving any further pains in certain body parts especially the neck, shoulders and back.

3. Sleep Joy ViscoFresh Memory Foam

Sleep Joy ViscoFresh Advanced Contour Memory Foam Pillow is really durable, is of amazing quality and has eradicated all neck pains as well as other discomforts. It is considered as the best memory foam pillow for neck pain.

The soft and high-density memory foam pillow is hypoallergenic. In addition, it uses hints of green tea in eliminating the chemical odor. This pillow also has a neck bolster that provides additional support to the head as well as the neck. The pillow also has the neck cradle that’s ideal for the side sleepers since it allows for better breathing while also reducing snoring.

Ironically, there are some people who find this pillow to be too soft and provide no substantial support.

The pillow has been designed to fit the neck and head contours regardless of your sleeping position. Moreover, it also maintains its shape while also providing an excellent neck support.

4. Sleep Master 2-Pack Traditional Memory Foam Pillows

This traditional pillow is in standard size and it brings you to a restful sleep. You’ll be on your deepest sleep that promotes ample rest of the body and mind. It’s simply the perfect solution to all your sleeping problems.

The memory foam pillow comes in 2 pillows per pack together with the poly-velour covers that are extremely soft. One great thing about these covers is the fact that they are washable and removable. You can also maintain the hygienic properties of this pillow without the worry of accumulating of any dust mites or allergens. It is also very healthy and safe to use.

The standard size of this pillow is not too small or too big either. It’s just enough to provide great support during your sleep. Finding the ideal position during sleep is also pretty quick since there is comfort and ease on any position that you might turn in.

5. Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

The Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Covers is one of the top memory foam pillows sold on Amazon. This is a fantastic US manufactured pillow that’s both dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic.

It comes along with a 30 days free trial as well as a 5-years warranty. Below are the main features and benefits of this great memory foam pillow:

· It provides plushness, shape-ability and breathability

· It provides the excellent support of the memory foam pillows

· It keeps you cool throughout the night.

Overall, if you’re looking for a pillow that provides pressure relief and support, that is not too stuffy and hot then this is the ideal choice for you.


After hectic workloads, everyone needs to relax their muscles since sitting in one position might cause neck sprains and in order to get rid of it. Memory foam pillows are a great way to alleviate this pain while also providing a perfect support.

Everyone wants to get that quality sleep on comfortable and soft pillows, right? Nowadays, a lot of people prefer the memory foam pillows over normal pillows since no one is ready to compromise his/her comfort level. But the best memory foam pillows are the ones that you personally are comfortable with.

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