The Best Tent Brands for 2016

By Steve Thomas

Best Tent Brands

Camping is a great adventure and there is nothing more important than the tent. It can literally make or break the whole experience.

But, not all brands are created equal so it is important to do your homework and find the one that is best suited to your budget, camping needs and adventure plans. Not only is there a range of pricing considerations but also quality and durability are important. To help, I’ve put together a list of the best tent brands for 2016.

1. Coleman Tents

Regardless of what size, style or kind of tent you need, there is a Coleman option available. Coleman are one of the largest tent brands on the market and offer everything from 2 person tents right up to large, family tents that can sleep up to 9 people.

One of the most important aspects of camping is the ability to stay dry if the weather turns bad. And this is where Coleman tents excel. The company has gone to great lengths to ensure all of their tents are watertight. As a result, all tents are manufactured using their exclusive ‘Weathertec System’ which focuses on the classic areas of water problems – flooring, pole holes and fabric.

Setup time is also something Coleman have focused on. They have 3 setup time categories – conventional pitch, fast pitch and instant setup (60 seconds). While the idea of a setup in less than 60 seconds may be attractive, this style of tent does come at a higher price.

2. ALPS Mountaineering

With a focus on high quality tents without a premium price tag, ALPS Mountaineering tents are the best option for smaller groups on the go. While they do have some larger tents in their range, they are primarily designed for portability. They offer a range of lightweight, backpacking, camping and outfitter (hunting) tents.

All are easy to setup up, even if travelling solo, with a free standing pole system and easy assembly pole clips featured in most models. Weather resistance is taken care of with factory sealed floor and fly seams featured in all tents.

Depending on what you need, additional features are available for different models including extra vestibules, extra standing height, mesh doors for ventilation and waterproof flys.

If mountain exploring is your thing, then ALPS Mountaineering is the best brand for you.

3. Wenzel

Wenzel is one of the best camping tent brands on the market. They offer a range of tent sizes from 1 person through to extended families. But they really excel at tents for families with a range of styles for larger groups offering weatherproof comfort in all conditions.

As with many brands, Wenzel has worked to improve the ease of setup for their tents. One of their newer models (the Vortex range) feature AirPitch technology that allows the air poles to be inflated by one person in a matter of minutes. Similarly, the tent can be deflated quickly for pack up.

The range of EZ Rise tents allow for setup and take down in less than one minute. This slick technology uses folding legs and an auto locking hub making the tent durable as well.

4. Kodiak

If you are looking for a tough, rugged, spacious tent, then the top tent brand is Kodiak. These tents are a nod to the old fashioned canvas tents but with a modern update. Hydra Shield technology means the tents have breathability, weather resistance, mold/mildew resistance and great durability.

Essentially Kodiak has improved the old style tent making a modern, tough tent that will way outlive many modern synthetic competitors.

Another great feature is the height of the tents. While many modern tent styles simply don’t give you the height to stand up and comfortably move around the Kodiak gives you the room to stand up to put your pants on!

5. Eureka

Offering one of the biggest range of tents, Eureka cover you for every type of adventure, big or small, solo or family, forest or mountain. They are of high quality and are a trusted brand, even by Sir Edmund Hilary!

All Eureka tents are manufactured with the best fabric and material for how the tent is designed to be used. Things like durability, weight, size and weather resistance are taken into consideration.
For example, a backpacking tent will be light, yet durable while a family camping tent will focus more on internal space and ventilation.

Eureka tents utilize proprietary Storm Shield cloth, a waterproof polyester fabric which ensures the tents can handle any weather conditions. The most popular style is the 3 season tents that are strong enough to handle rain in fall, spring and summer.


With many top tent brands available on the market, it is not difficult to find right one for your needs. There can be a difference in price, but this is usually a trade off in features and quality.

All the best tent brands featured here have invested in fabric technology to ensure their tents offer waterproofing and weather resistance. With this important factor taken care of, it is then a matter of establishing the size required, how often the tent will be used and how it will be used.

Once these important questions are answered, choosing a tent from any of the brands listed above will be a good decision.

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