The best vape battery for starters and hobbyist alike.

By Steve Drake

best e cig battery

In order to find the These LG batteries are the best batteries for vaping on the market because of their power output, you’ll be better with a battery that has a normal capacity but an excellent discharge rate, it can give current up to 35 Amps and being rated at 2500 mAh or 2.5Ah it will last less than an hour at the highest power output which is 126 Watts, to put it in context not even your bread toaster can give this power, taking in count a regular toaster rated 60W – 80W, and still with this output it will last the test of time.

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  1. 2 Efest Purple IMR 18650 35A 2500mAh 3.7v Rechargeable Flat Top Batteries

b2To put things in context this battery has a discharge current of 20A/35A, this means that it can give 20A continuously which is the number that we will be using some retailers will advertise the 35A output trying to challenge big manufacturers but still this battery does show what it can do and it is one of the batteries that you can use the same as any other one but it has an authentication key that can be checked online so you’ll know that these batteries are original and comply with the quality control from EFast one of the newest manufacturers on the market.

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3. 4 LG HE2 18650 2500mAh 35A 3.7v Rechargeable Flat Top Batteries

b3This LG battery is the direct competition of the second place on the list because they have the same characteristics, it does not have a way to certify the authenticity of the battery and that’s why it is on the third place, having said that LG is one of the best manufacturers of batteries on the world, the quality of the product uses the best materials and processes that help to make their products the goal for perfection.

Remember that the Left or the marked side is the positive end of the battery, there’s no signal to share that this is the case and failure to do so can damage your vaporizer as in a clearomizer.

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4. 4 Samsung INR18650-25R 18650 2500mAh 3.7v Rechargeable Flat Top Batteries

b4This is one of the other big company competitors, Samsung makes the best battery for vaping, Cellphones, tablets, computers, etc. They have been on the electronics market for years and they have the experience of making batteries in huge production numbers while maintaining the quality they require.

This deal is for the ones that want to either have 2 spare batteries or want to keep vaporizing even when the first batch has been depleted, this is the best deal for the price and if you are thinking on buying on bulk Samsung is the best option.

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  1. 2 Efest Purple IMR 18650 20A 3100mAh 3.7v Rechargeable Flat Top Batteries

b5If your vaporizer is not rated adobe 20 Amps of current output then this battery is for you, think vaporizers that are on the 20 – 80 Watts range or temperature controlled vaporizers can also be used with these batteries as long that the power output does not go adobe 80 Watts.

This battery is the one that has the highest capacity of the list and should be taken when you want to take longer hits and keep vaping with friends without having to recharge or change batteries along the way.

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The best vape battery listed here are all going to work properly and come from honest retailers but beware, there are companies that buy the rejected batteries from LG or Samsung and then they resell them as if they were working properly or they exaggerate the current output which will reduce the life of the battery.

To find out if your battery is not one of the best vape batteries correctly rated just use it in your vaporizer and if it gets too hot then you should either reduce the power from your vaporizer e juice or report that these batteries don’t work as advertised. Always dispose of the batteries correctly on near battery recollection points so that they can be recycled or disposed properly.

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