The Best Wheeled Cooler for Your Outdoor Fun

By Camille Waugh


We have all been there. At least one moment in your life consisted of you having to walk a long distance or uphill with a very heavy cooler. Large coolers can be extremely difficult to transport. While they are already heavy, The first top wheeled cooler on our list is the Igloo Maxcold Ultra Roller Cooler. This 40 quart wheeled cooler is made by the renowned cooler company, Igloo, and it is one of the most popular wheeled coolers on the market.

This cooler is crafted with two rugged and durable wheels, which makes this cooler smoothly glide over terrain. The interior features extra insulation throughout the walls and lid.

The extra insulation ensures that your ice and items will remain cold for up to five days.


Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Soft Cooler with Hard Liner

Coleman-42-Can-Wheeled-Soft-CoolerThe next wheeled cooler on our list is the Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Soft Cooler with Hard Liner. Although it has a smaller width than most wheeled coolers, this cooler can hold up to 42 cans.

The exterior features two durable wheels and two sturdy legs so you can easily tow this cooler, using the wheels. The exterior also features a large front zippered pocket, as well as two medium side mesh pockets.

The interior is crafted with an easy to clean soft PEVA liner. The PEVA liner is comprised of antimicrobial properties, which fight against odor, mold, and mildew. This this wheeled, soft cooler ensures that your items stay as cold and fresh as long as possible.


Rubbermaid Ice Chest/Cooler 60 Quart

Rubbermaid-10-Quart-Personal-Ice-Chest-CoolerThe next cooler on our list is the 60 quart Rubbermaid Ice Chest/Cooler. This dark blue wheeled cooler features two durable black wheels on the back. On the back of this cooler, you will also find the long adjustable handle, with a comfortable padded area. Towing this cooler is easy and comfortable.

This cooler also features a duel lid. What looks like one lid, is actually two. Of you need to quickly grab something in the cooler, simply lift one of the lids. Each lid is crafted with two cup holders. So you don’t have to take your drink out of the cup holder every time you want something in the cooler. Simply just use the other lid to access the cooler.

The insulation features superior thermal retention, as well as a stain and odor resistant liner.


Coleman 100 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler

Coleman-100-Quart-Xtreme-5If you are looking for the ultimate wheeled cooler, then check out the Coleman 100 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler. This wheeled cooler can hold up to a whopping 100 quarts, or 160 cans.

To easy tow this cooler, simply pick up the wide towing handle and let the two large wheels glide over the terrain. The exterior of the lid features four cup/can holders making it a great place to eat and drink from.

Inside, this cooler is crafted with ThermOZONE insulation, which contains no CFCs, HFCs, or HCFCs. This top quality insulation ensures that ice and items can be held in this cooler for up to five days in 90 degree weather.


Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold Roller

Igloo-Ice-Cube-CoolerThe last cooler with wheels on our list is the Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold Roller. While most wheeled coolers are extremely wide, and in a rectangle shape, this wheeled cooler has a cube shape.

The exterior of this cooler features two large durable wheels and an adjustable towing handle. If you prefer to carry this cooler, simply hold the cooler on either side with molded side handles.

On top of the lid, this wheeled cooler has two cup holders. The interior of this wheeled cooler is crafted with deep foam insulation that can safely secure and store up to 70 quarts of items for up to five days.


As you can see, wheeled coolers come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. After you determine what features you want in a wheeled cooler, you should check out wheeled cooler reviews.

By looking at the reviews, you will be able to see if a cooler is truly what the company makes it out to be. This can help you eliminate some possible wheeled coolers. You’ll be one step closer to purchasing the perfect wheeled cooler for you!

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