The Cool Spy Gadgets to Add to Your Clandestine Equipment

By Stanley Kaminski

Cool Spy Gadgets

Are you looking for the best spy gadgets for that special spy in your life? Or perhaps you fancy yourself the

One of the most important things a spy will need is reliable communication. You don’t want to be out on a mission and have something change and be the last to find out about it. This pair of radios will keep you in communication even up to 36 miles away from your fellow agents. The set has the option for 50 different channels to ensure no other rogue agents are listening in on your communications. As an added bonus the set features a whisper feature so you can keep your voice low, to not draw attention, but ensure whoever is on the other side gets the message crystal clear

2) Spy Gadget USB Voice Recorder

Spy Gadget® Spy USB Voice Recorder

Some times as a spy you need to get that clip of your target saying something or just need to hear the directions to your next mission once more. Luckily this voice recorder looks like a normal USB memory stick, allowing you to carry it anywhere without drawing any attention to the fact that you are recording conversations. With its 8 GB of memory you can record hours of talking and then since it’s a working USB drive you simply plug it into your computer, pull off your data and listen for that vital piece of intel you needed. Also pulling information off does not require any special software, so there is no need to head back to HQ in order to hear your recording.

3) FabQuality Hidden Camera Pen

Hidden Camera Spy Pen 720p

Perhaps audio recording isn’t enough and you need some video. Luckily this sharp camera comes concealed in a pen. You can easily have it in your pocket, sitting on a desk or holding about to take a note and be stealthily recording video of your surroundings in 720 HD. It records onto a microSD card and allows you to move the recording to your computer via a USB cord or you can pass off the card to another agent to deliver your video anywhere in the world. And of course, being a fully functional pen you can quickly jot down a note or two so no one will suspect the power of the pen you hold.

4) CCS Spy Gear Spy Paper

Disappearing Spy Paper Dissolving Note Pad

And speaking of jotting down that note, you need secure place to jot it down. For this task any paper could work, but what happens when you are in a tight spot and need to make that secret tidbit of intel disappear and in a hurry? Have you ever noticed how restaurants rarely put shredders in their bathrooms? Luckily with this paper all it needs is contact with a liquid and paper dissolves. And it not only dissolves but it goes to a secure mulch that is even higher security than running it through a shredder. Each pad comes with 32 sheets and there are two convenient sizes based on how much you need to take note of.

5) 101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius by Brad Graham and Kathy McGowan

101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius

Well, I’ve kinda cheated for this one and given you a book full of cool spy gadgets. This book helps you to not only identify more gadgets and gizmos that you may need, but also shows you how you can construct them if you are a spy that tight on money or doesn’t have 2 days to wait for shipping. This book also gives you valuable intel on how to defeat your foe’s attempt to use gadgets on you and even turn the tables on them. Truly a valuable addition to any super spy’s library.


There you go, a valuable list of some really cool spy gadgets. I hope this helps you to either build your collection of equipment for that next clandestine mission or outfit that special spy in your life. Either way, you can’t go wrong with any of these. Again, it is a very wise idea to double check on the laws of your local (or where ever your mission may take you) as to recording video or audio covertly. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to outfit yourself for when that next mission comes. This website will not self-destruct.

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