The Future That Is 2020: 6 Technology-Related Predictions for Business

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Given the rate at which new technology is developed today, even experts are finding it more difficult to predict the world’s technological state a mere few years from now. It’s going so fast that many businesses are finding it hard to adapt and integrate new tech, but 2020 is going to be different.

The world’s most prominent IT leaders are currently making their bets on developments like advanced AI, RPA, AR/VR, improving cybersecurity, and 5G. All these are done to prepare for this new year and whatever it may hold in store for humanity. Read their predictions below, and see how new technologies will shape every business this 2020.

1. USB-C Will Dominate the Connection Interface of Most New Devices

With a lot of Windows and Mac devices now featuring USB-C, it is clear that this connector type will likely leave its older counterparts obsolete. Because of its design, it can be used for a broader range of uses, and it’s slowly becoming a truly universal serial bus.

USB, in general, is present in most portable gadgets nowadays. For your working space, consider a USB docking station to organize wires to ensure they don’t pose a safety threat to others. More importantly, multiport USB hubs can offer faster transfer speeds, power delivery, and adaptability.

2. 5G Delivers a Faster and More Reliable Way of Transferring Data

5G internet is capable of giving faster speeds at a lower latency. This new development will potentially add trillions to the global economy in the form of new services and products (maybe even new industries and business models). This internet-focused society will feel the impact heavily as 5G changes the way people receive and send data, taking significant strides to implement edge computing.

3. The Switch to 5G Will Require Better Cybersecurity

As 5G becomes more popular, the rise of 5G IoT and IoT devices will eventually reach its peak. And these innovations won’t require local networks to operate. This tech comes with a few advantages and disadvantages. For one, 5G IoT devices will have a lower risk of becoming attack vectors against machines in the same network.

However, 5G IoT devices may create a new disruption for businesses that may already be struggling to choose which equipment to integrate in their infrastructure. While taking a step toward a more secure form of data transfer, people still have to remain vigilant against the potential birth of new attack vectors.

4. Consumers Will Most Likely Demand More Platform Governance

Tech-based companies (more specifically, platform companies) such as Facebook, Uber, and Airbnb are likely to focus on platform governance this year. It’s already starting to take shape, with Facebook currently implementing new policies to limit the proliferation of false information on its platform.

Businesses need to balance implementing a strict form of governance that protects its users and keeping within the norms of free speech and information. With the coming elections, consumers will likely want more rigid governance for the platforms they frequent.

5. Practical Applications for Quantum Computing Technology May Be Showcased This Year

While a few companies are already making bold claims of achieving quantum supremacy, this is far from the truth. This technology still holds a lot of potential to solve most of the world’s problems; it may take many years before people finally see a truly quantum computer. This year will most likely demonstrate more progress and research on the practical uses of this technology.

6. AI Innovation Is Getting Democratized

AI developers are having easier access to advance and study their technology as the years pass. As technologies advance, the overhead cost and time commitment remain small. All the while, algorithms are becoming more effective with smaller but more potent data sets.

This trend potentially democratizes the innovation of AI technology and allows the creation of niche tools, along with a whole slew of other benefits. Since both data and investment needs are continuing to decrease in the AI sector, more and more businesses are investing in this venture.

Forward Moving

As already witnessed by the end of last year, 2020 presents a new set of opportunities and challenges that every business should prepare for. Everyone should embrace change and adapt to new trends and technologies to guarantee the competitive nature of their brands. If people resist these inevitable changes, they’ll only be left behind in today’s cutthroat market.

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