The Many Health Benefits Of Motorcycle Riding

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Most people think that riding motorcycles is just a sport or something to do on a nice, sunny day. We get a lot of grief about bikes being dangerous, loud, and downright obnoxious, but what people don’t know is that riding has a lot of health benefits. It’s actually part of a low-impact exercise that can increase muscle tone, help with losing weight, amongst a bunch of other benefits.

Unknowingly Exercising

When you get on your bike, you aren’t just riding, you’re actually exercising believe it or not. Riding a hog strengthens the key muscles that are used to hold the patella and other knee bones in place. It’s also great for strengthening the thighs. Think about this for a second-you have to push this large piece of metal backwards into a parking spot, which could be a good alternative if you skip leg day at the gym. It’s almost like using a 600 pound leg press.

Lower Blood Glucose Levels

It’s been shown that people who ride have improved insulin sensitivity. This can last up to 8 hours after a ride and it has a huge impact on weight loss because it’s a fat storage hormone. If your body has improved insulin sensitivity, it means that your body is going to produce less insulin to counteract carbs or lower blood sugar. This is also a signal to your body to tell it to not store as much fat. So, riding is something that those with type 2 diabetes would really benefit from.

Calorie Burning

From the time you start getting ready to ride until the time you are done, you’re constantly burning calories. This includes all the time you spent searching for motorcycle helmets to match your personality or bike. Once you actually get on the bike, however, is a whole other story. You have to balance, shift, battle winds and so much more, which is all after you burn all of those calories pushing the bike out of your garage. If you race bikes or ride motocross, you can burn 600 calories per hour while those who ride for fun burn about 200-300 per hour.

Better Mental Feeling

Whenever I come back from a ride, I feel so much better. I’m happy, energetic, and it’s like my own portable therapist that I don’t have to give a $50 copay to. Getting on a bike releases endorphins which helps boost mood and improve overall outlooks. You also get exposed to the sun, which is great for your Vitamin D levels and it’s a great way to escape from your everyday problems. When I’m feeling conflicted, I’ll go for a ride to think without any other distractions.


There you have it, multiple ways that motorcycle riding can improve your health. I can honestly personally attest to all of these claims. I always feel so much better after a ride, I can feel the “workout” after a ride, and it’s all around great for the mind, body, and soul. Think about what it could do for your body if you decided to take a cross country trip. You would definitely feel the effects of that ride for quite a while.

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