The Many Ways Video Conferencing is Changing the Way We Do Business

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Change isn’t easy. That’s probably why a lot of companies stick to what they know. With technologies like video conferencing changing the face of business, though, here’s more of what companies can look forward to:

Reduced Spending

There will be no need to spend on travel fares, food, and allowances if you’re sending your people over to offsite meetings, workshops, or trainings. Online discussions can cut down on so much of your transportation costs in a major way.

Less Travel

More and more people are going to prefer video discussions over real-time conversations. Who wants to have to drive across town or spend two hours in traffic just to get to a 30-minute meeting? For short discussions that are inconvenient or require you to brave the traffic out on the roads, online discussions can seem like a godsend of an option.

Save On Time

Imagine if you had to consult with one of your colleagues. You could drive over and get it done with. But the traffic could make the travel go from 20 minutes to two hours. You could do a phone call, but what if that kind of channel doesn’t quite lend itself to a good discussion? You could send an email, but emails have a way of turning into insanely long threads. They also take time to writer. If you finally give video meetings a try, you may be surprised at how easy it is. All it takes is for you to send a meeting invite, wait until your colleague accepts the invitation, and in a few minutes, you’re good to go. In under 30 minutes to an hour, that consultation can be done. Imagine how much time you saved? No need to prepare yourself to go out. No need to commute or drive somewhere. Call, discuss, and get things done. Discussions and decisions happen and they happen fast. What could be more ideal than that?

Remote Teams

In the past, it wasn’t cost-effective to have offsite teams for businesses. It was especially unheard of for startups. After all, a young company probably won’t have the financial resources to support the constant back and forth of staff members. But that’s all before online solutions appeared on the scene. With these cloud-based solutions, it’s now possible for a companies to hire, run, and manage offsite teams better than ever before. No need to fear that the distance would contribute to slow productivity and poor performance.

Better Training

These solutions also made it possible to have better training sessions. With systems offered by big industry names like Blue Jeans, a video webinar for IT teams is simple enough to achieve, even if that meant your teams were halfway across the world. No need to spend on anything to get your offsite and onsite teams to meet, work or train each other.

Smoother Collaborations

Offsite and onsite teams can work seamlessly on a project together. Packed with features that allow users from both ends to manipulate the screen and share different kinds of content—from files and audio to images and more—teams are well able to review a document, improve a file, or work through the revision of an entire project.

Work From Home

Going to work doesn’t have to mean being tied up to your desk for nine hours. eWeek says most millennials make up the workforce these days and will in many, many years down the road, want flexibility at the workplace. One of these factors for flexibility are telecommuting opportunities that provide them with more time at home. With new technologies, employee needs are also changing. Companies that want to retain their best people and their top talent will need to learn how to leverage this technology to their advantage.


Because people want more from their lives than to spend an inordinate amount of it tied to a desk, a lot of talents are starting to demand work from home opportunities. That means a great deal of freedom and control. Online conferencing solutions are helping companies make this happen, from finding, meeting and keeping talents to staying in touch with their teams, no matter where the rest of them happen to be.

Happy Employees

Flexible work arrangements lead to happier employees. The Harvard Business Review said employees who work from home are generally happier. In addition, happy employees stay longer. You don’t have to worry about losing your best people if they need to move to Amsterdam or Tokyo. It’s easy to keep them on board with the right tools.

Face To Face

What face to face interactions can do for business is tremendous. By using video to bridge physical barriers and distances, more companies are well able to go after more clients, enjoy a bigger market and generally find themselves delivering to clients or customers right to their own backyard or to the whole world over, from Hoboken to Timbuktu.



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