The Most Thorough Shark Rotator Lift Away Review

By Alice DeLong

shark rotator review

Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum (NV502)

Let this Shark Rotator Review save you hours of research. I’ve used almost every vacuum known to man and can confidently say that the Shark Rotator Lift Away by SharkNinja is easily one of the most competitive vacuum cleaners on the market. Unlike its competitors, it effortlessly picks up cat litter, dog hair, and accesses those hard to reach crevices in between the couch. Both professional cleaners and busy professionals will appreciate the convenience and ease of using the Shark Rotator Lift Away.

Criteria for a Great Vacuum

A good vacuum cleaner’s most important function is simple: It needs to clean and clean well. While I certainly don’t want to spend a fortune, I need a vacuum cleaner that is going to remove all the dirt and allergens from my environment. I also want an easy to transport machine that doesn’t involve a hundred bells and whistles. Most importantly, I need a vacuum that’s efficient. I don’t want to have to take much time to switch from a brush roller to a crevice tool or work up a sweat lugging a fifty pound machine from one floor to another. Nor do I want a vacuum that sounds like an earthquake and is going to cause a noise violation. An exceptional vacuum makes life easier, not more difficult.

Product Overview

The Shark Rotator Lift Away comes with a detachable and portable canister for quick and easy cleaning in hard to reach areas of the home. The Anti-Allergen complete seal technology traps over 99.9 percent of dirt. Enhanced swivel steering means you can easily maneuver around bulky furniture and underneath narrow couches (no need to take any extra time and attach the crevice tool).

Premium tools include:

  • A power brush for cleaning carpets
  • Crevice tool for those hard to reach places
  • Easy-to-use fingertip controls
  • Dusting brush
  • Canister caddy for easy transportation
  • Car detail kit.
  • 30 foot power cord that provides ample range for cleaning larger spaces
  • LED lights on floor nozzle to illuminate work surfaces

The Shark Rotator Lift Away weighs only 15.8 lbs., so, with the caddy, it’s easy to carry from one room to another. The 120 watts provide plenty of power without creating a lot of noise. Additionally, the easy-to-use fingertip controls create an effortless transition for cleaning different floor types. You won’t have to bend down, remove, and reattach parts. The nozzle lights allow you to clearly see your work areas. And not to be forgotten, the HEPA filters trap 99.9 percent of dust and allergens inside the vacuum.


Unlike other vacuums, the Shark Rotator Lift Away fits under narrow furniture, so there’s less need to use the crevice tool.

While you do need to switch between the crevice tool and small brush roll when cleaning stairs and furniture, the switch is pretty painless. The fingertip controls do the switch for you when transitioning from hardwood to carpet.

The canister caddy makes the Shark Rotator Lift away easy to transport around the house.

The vacuum is extremely easy to assemble. It should generally take 10 minutes or less.

The sealed vacuum technology comes with washable HEPA filters, so you don’t have to constantly buy new ones.

Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum (NV502)


The canister is smaller than some other vacuums. This potentially makes the vacuum less convenient for cleaning larger, commercial spaces.

Although one of several Shark Rotator reviews mentioned that the manually wound cord might irritate some customers, she found it to be a relatively painless procedure that took less than thirty seconds.


The Shark Rotator Lift Away is definitely one of the best vacuums on the market. While it may not have the industrial strength or bulk of some its competitors, it is ideal for any homeowner. The sleek, easily manageable body easily cleans any home surface with its complete seal technology. This vacuum does what it’s supposed to do: clean and clean well. Whether you need to clean furniture, hardwood floors, tile floors or carpet, the Shark Rotator Lift Away will remove almost all dirt and allergens. I’m certainly willing to take two seconds and plug in a cord for that! Because let’s be honest, there’s nothing like coming home to a clean house.


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