The new iPhone XR: how could it change business practices?

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With so many different types of iPhones available, businesses have become very technologically developed by these nifty little gadgets. From the obvious calls, to data logging, picture taking, emails and so much more, the new iPhone XR has helped ensure that businesses are ran efficiently and effectively as a result of having such a powerful phone as part of its day-to-day running.

The future of the iPhone XR in the context of business is almost limitless because of its small, yet very innovative, changes and developments from previous models. A result of many years of trial, error and experimentation, the new iPhone XR has so many wonderful qualities that can help aid your business as detailed below.

Apple-Designed GPU

As a result of the increase in popularity of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and so many more, the use of social media apps has also increased. Social media marketing has become an increasingly important part of business in recent years, therefore a device which can not only keep up with these platforms, but also makes them accessible and easy to navigate is an essential part of your business development.

The new iPhone XR has a new fourth core as well as lossless memory compression which means that it adds to the performance of graphics in video and photo editing and visually demanding apps. This means that not only does the new iPhone XR make photo and video editing easy to accomplish using downloaded apps, but it is also able to support those social media platforms which are usually very visually demanding, such as Instagram or YouTube.

Apple-designed Neural Engine

Much like the way that we learn from experience, the new iPhone XR can also recognise patterns, make predictions and utilise real-time learning too. As a result, the new iPhone XR can be an extension of your own predictions, aiding business development through real-time experience and predictions.

It is also very fast and can perform up to five trillion operations per second. More capable than previous models of iPhone, the new iPhone XR is incredibly efficient. By utilising developments such as Core ML platforms, the phone can aid your searching, jumping straight into immersive AR experiences as well as providing powerful, real-time learning too.

Long-lasting battery performance

One of the worst issues with iPhones is losing battery during important meetings, presentations, or any situation in which your iPhone is necessary for business operations. It is a definite issue with not only iPhones, but a whole different range of other types of phone too. However, the iPhone XR has talk time for up to 25 hours, with Internet usage of up to 15 hours too. This means that the iPhone XR beats its previous models, like the iPhone XS, by at least five hours.

This new development in the iPhone saga is definitely a necessary extension for your business and with specifically designed business made mobile networks, such as Gamma, the new iPhone XR can definitely propel your business into the future.

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