The Single Blade Safety Razor Is Just What You Need

By Howard Combs

The single blade safety razor has been around for a long time. Its use diminished when the production of the disposable razor began. Now with people hearing bad things about the multi-blade plastic shavers, they are beginning to once again look toward the single blade safety razor.

Most people have never seen a safety razor in action except via media of some sort as the disposables were too inviting. Most men adopted them nearly right away. There has long been the idea that the safety razor was dangerous but many people enjoyed them and still do when they require a shave.

The first thing that has to be mentioned is the reduction in price when you move from a disposable razor to a safety razor. Anyone who has been shaving for a few years knows the game of the disposable razor people. You buy the handle and then watch as the price of the changeable heads soar in price.

They range from twenty to forty dollars for as low as an eight pack. You can buy a razor, blades, shaving cream and a brush for less money and have the best single blade safety razor in no time. Also let us not forget how overused some of the disposables get.

Another issue some have with the safety razor is that they say it is dangerously sharp. Aren’t all razors sharp? The real truth about how sharp it should be might not be obvious at all.

The same razor blade actually isn’t for everyone. Some will need a sharper harder blade because of more coarse hair, others will need softer duller blades because of skin conditions and softer hair. Often people would assume they should just go for the sharpest and the best single blade safety razor which couldn’t be a bigger mistake.

What you should actually do is start with one of the softest blades and move up until you find the one that is correct or suitable for you. The best way to do this would be to order an assortment of brands and see which one is right or best for your skin. You will find that some retailers have sampler packs instead of buying a large number before you know what you need.

On another note you will also need a used razor blades disposal. There are usually directions you can get from your local municipal that can aid you in getting rid of them. It’s a lot smaller to throw out than a disposable razor.

Last but certainly not least is one of the most important parts of all. You have to protect your skin from the razor blade gliding across your skin. You will soon realize there is a multitude of shave creams and soaps you can acquire online or at a local store. There is everything from the usual gel can that last a while to the cake of soap and brush that last far longer.

There is also brushless vs. lathering which are two different types of shaving cream or gel. The brushless only requires your hands to scoop it out and rub it on your face to soften and lubricate.

To lather you will need the specific type of cream and a bowl to lather it up and spread on your face. Do note that foams and gels are made for fast and simple shaving jobs of which shaving with the single blade safety razor is not. You should use a shaving cream that creates a rich lather that will protect your skin. Don’t try to rush this. It’s like when you learned to shave, it didn’t happen all at once and neither will this.


By now you should be a lot clearer about the uses of the single blade safety razor. A lot of mistakes can be avoided by doing a little research first. If you do however, you will have the best single blade safety razor possible. There are many handles that are long or short, light or heavy. Many people have more than one handle to find a preferred one that they like. Most find balance is the key issue to address. Also you will need to find the correct blade for your skin and hair type to get the best shave with. Then the equation would not be complete without the correct cream, soap or shave gel. The choice will depend generally on time allowed, hopefully you will make the correct ones.

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