Tips for Creating a Killer Webinar Presentation

By sheila.opulencia

Tips for Creating a Killer Webinar Presentation

Webinars are a highly effective mode of communication in the business world. The webinar mode is also rising in popularity. Most startups and even investors hold webinars for various reasons. The success of a webinar will depend on how well the presentation goes. Considering that webinars are a rather powerful tool for engaging clients and investors alike, all businesses are encouraged to master this form of communication. If your business is new to the webinar scene, here are several tips that will make your presentation great:

Start with a Blueprint

Designing a webinar involves a bit more work than making a PowerPoint presentation. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to start with a blueprint to map out the flow of the presentation. Visuals and text have to be planned properly. Also, each slide will require speaking points that last between 2 to 4 minutes as well. If the webinar is not planned early on, then you would have to spend a lot more time later structuring the presentation.

Use Keywords in Text

The text that accompanies the visual presentation should not repeat what the speaker is saying. Keep in mind that this is not a classroom presentation. The text should rather emphasize points. Keep it clear and concise. Avoid writing long sentences. Instead, use key phrases and keywords that a participant can easily process while listening to the speaker at the same time.

Liberally Use Graphics

Graphics capture attention faster than text, so liberally use graphics to make your point. Most attendees won’t even read the text, says entrepreneur and sports investor Jason Sugarman, and prefer to look at the pictures and listen to the speaker. Graphics can make an otherwise boring point interesting as well. Good use of graphics will definitely keep participants interested, especially when the subject matter is something like sports, Mr. Sugarman added.

Keep the Slides Moving

Most people are familiar with PowerPoint presentations when the presenter speaks for about 3 minutes per slide. With webinars, the tactic is a bit different. It’s recommended to keep the slides moving every 20 to 40 seconds while the presenter speaks. The presenter should not drone on either, and speak for only about 4 minutes maximum about a single point. It’s the visuals that keep the participants riveted, so keep it in mind.

Provide Explanations for Everything

Webinars can make use of graphics, charts, infographics, annotations, and so on. Whatever is visually shown on screen should be accompanied by an explanation. It facilitates the learning process. Do not throw things onto the slides just to grab attention. All components should help the presenter make a point. To do that, the presenter should explain the visual elements in the presentation concisely and clearly.

Use the above tips to make your webinar presentation interesting to the participants. The last thing a webinar should be is boring. You can use other tools, like apps and annotation tools, to engage participants in the presentation. The delivery matters too. The speaker must deliver the talking points energetically and enthusiastically so that the presenters pay attention.

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