Top 25 Fitness Blogs That Get Your Game On

By Elizabeth Jones

Top 25 Fitness Blogs That Get Your Game On

Fitness is an obsession these days. There are loads of fitness blogs out there, each touting practices on how to get fit in these most unfit of times. Our duality is interesting—on one hand we strive to be our healthiest selves. And on the other hand, we take a daily trip to Starbucks (or your junk food franchise of choice) for that 500+ calorie Frappuccino. We live in a world of decisions and sticking to the good ones while dismissing the bad ones is tough. I mean it’s really, really tough.

So we all need a little motivation, a little encouragement to get on and stay on the right track. That’s where fitness blogs make their key entrance. Armed with our favorite fitness blogs, healthy living is a heck of a lot easier.

But with all those fitness blogs out there, it’s hard to know which blogs are reliable, useful, and let’s not forget fun! So we did our due diligence, took a long look at what’s out there in the blogosphere, and narrowed down to 25 great fitness blog standouts. Our list covers the gamut from young to old, male and female, running, weight training, yoga, and other great forms of fitness.

But for us, fitness doesn’t stop at exercise. It’s a way of life. So we’ve included blogs that bring out the best in us. These Top 25 blogs cover nutrition, stress management, and inspiring tips to stay positive. And, to top it off, we have blogs that explain in-depth the science that backs it all up.

Finally, we showcase a range of fitness and health bloggers, from well established to new at the scene. All feature great content that help you stay on track and up your game!

We’ve arranged the blogs in no particular order. So the first blog ranks the same as the last.

1) Fitness is Sweet

Fitness is Sweet

Aurora is a college student, inspiring young people to get fit and eat well. She writes about her own experiences in trying new workouts from rowing to crossfit. Her blog features a workout section with simple graphics outlining steps for quick and timely routines. I love that she’s a young person motivating other young people and that’s why Aurora’s on the list!

2) Race Pace Wellness

Race Pace Jess

Jess’ blog is for runners. Race Pace Wellness covers the bases from running tips, performance improving workouts, to recipes and fuel generating eats! I love that she writes about simple ways to workout and run when time is short. Jess follows the runners’ world holistically, from preparing to run to post-run workouts and recovery foods. She also gives great tips on packing for your next marathon. Jess knows how to up your running game and that’s why she’s listed.

3) Cranky Fitness

Cranky Fitness

What’s not to love in this name? Jan’s blog on fitness is for those of us who don’t look forward to gym time. She writes with wit and occasional sarcasm. So for folks looking for some laughs and irony, this is the blog for you! I mean her pen name is Crabby McSlacker—need I say more? Despite the pen name, Jan is actually a great motivator and her blog offers a huge index of exercises, activities, and others subject areas to check out. Jan’s down-to-earth style makes Cranky Fitness a real winner and that’s why she’s on the list.

4) Fitness in the City

Fitness in the City

Lee’s blog features three arms of fitness: living, moving, and nourishing. And her blog treats these in tandem—attaining health and wellness connects to all areas of your life. So there’s no one magic trick. Her blog brings together encouragement and specific guidance on exercise regimes to help everyone achieve their unique fitness goals. Lee’s quite adventurous and encourages her readers to try something new—be it yoga, paddle boarding, crossfit, and even exercises to do at your desk. Fitness in the City is a great and comprehensive guide for creating a new and improved you!

5) Active for Life

Active for Life

What I love about Active for Life is its focus on kids. This blog aims to raise physically literate kids. Wow, what could be more important? The site is jam-packed with great ideas and projects on how to motivate kids into more physical activity. It also showcases inspiring personal role model stories. There are even sample lesson plans for folks that work with kids and activity planners for parents. And best of all, many of these resources and activities are broken down into age groups. Active for Life gets an A+ for encouraging young (and old) to get physical.

6) Fit Happy Tina

Fit Happy Tina

Fit Happy Tina is just that—a blog about finding happiness, health, and self-love. What started as a blog about Tina’s own unique health circumstances has transformed into a site on how to love life through exploration, inspiration, exercise, and nutrition. Tina covers the map with tips on stress management, exercise hacks, and even guides to supplements. So if your fitness target is part of a larger health and happiness goal, Fit Happy Tina is for you.

7) Achieving Fit

Achieving Fit

Terressa Nicole’s blog tags itself as “an introverts guide to happiness.” Achieving Fit has great tips for the overworked—people that often feel there is just no time to workout in their days. Terressa provides workouts in just 10-15 minutes and showcases these workouts in step-by-step videos on her YouTube channel. The blog also stresses nutrition and follows an approach that with the right foods and the right workouts, anyone can be happy and healthy. For those looking for a simple and easy to navigate blog, Achieving Fit is for you!

8) Father Fitness

Father Fitness

Father Fitness came out of Paul’s experience of first time fatherhood inspiring a renewed interest in maintaining good fitness. Father Fitness stresses the importance of parents’ role modeling good habits for their children. His blog is for Dads and men but includes fitness and health tips for the entire family. Many of Father Fitness’ articles showcase exercises the family can do together. Paul also outlines healthy foods, building muscle mass, and includes a section on how to combine exercise, family, and charity sponsorships. Father Fitness is a great resource for Dads and parents who want fitness to be a family affair.

9) Love Life Surf

Love Life Surf

Christine’s blog focuses on her personal experiences balancing life, family, and fitness. Love Life Surf encourages readers to say yes to the unique things that energize, enliven, and inspire us. It’s less a program than a journal. She connects exercising (like learning to surf) to larger life lessons and thinking differently about work, family, and community. So for people who view fitness and exercise as part of something larger, this blog is a great place to start your journey.

10) Mom’s Little Running Buddy

Moms Little Running Buddy

Katie’s blog is am amazing one-stop-shop for Moms looking to keep fit while raising little ones. Her blog features great resources like training plans, running shoe reviews, stroller running tips, and lots of encouragement and motivation. Mom’s Little Running Buddy offers tips and tricks for Mother-To-Be so your pregnancy workouts are challenging and safe for baby. She also provides some great workouts for Mom and Baby/Child (for Dads too.) For busy Moms and Mothers-to-Be, this blog is super.

11) AcroCafe by Eliannah

AcroCafe by Eliannah

Eliannah’s blog is all about alternative fitness routines for what she calls “the daring.” As a new site, AcroCafe is building momentum for people looking for something different in their fitness quest. Eliannah features articles, tips, and tricks on activities like aerial silks, rock climbing, hand balancing, and grip training. All exercises are skills based on American Ninja Warrior. So if you’re looking for fitness routines that go against the grain, and often take you upside down, AcroCafe by Elinnah is definitely a blog to check out.

12) Science For Fitness

Science for Fitness

Science For Fitness is a great fitness blog for people who want to understand the science behind their exercise. Hayden’s blog showcases the latest scientific research and studies on health, fitness, and disease. This blog promotes a proactive approach to fitness and provides tips, step-by-step exercise guidance, and researched articles on how exercise and nutrition contribute to wellness. Science For Fitness makes our list for its excellence in explaining the science supporting exercise and overall health.

13) My Weight Loss Guy

My Weight Loss Guy

Mike’s blog focuses on long-term fitness strategies that work for regular folks, who have jobs, kids, and other responsibilities. Based on his experience of gaining weight throughout adulthood, My Weight Loss Guy targets working adults wanting to regain or improve their fitness. My Weight Loss Guy highlights two fundamentals of weight loss for the long haul—modifying your behavior and attitudes towards eating and exercising. The techniques Mike showcases are not the latest trends or fads but they are easily repeatable and time-proven. We love Mike’s matter of fact approach and his focus on our long-term health and fitness.

14) Oh Just Stop Already

Oh Just Stop Already

This blog is a personal exploration by Chelle who invites us in to the “good, bad, ugly, and beauty” in her journey to become a healthier self, mother, and wife. Chelle writes with honesty, humility, and humor about the range of things she’s tried from workouts to trying new diets and supplements. We think she’s tops with her candor about the intersections of fitness, family, and inner-self talk. For those looking for a fitness blog more akin to a diary, this blog’s for you!

15) A Shot of Adrenaline

A Shot of Adrenaline

A Shot of Adrenaline is one of the best calisthenics blogs. Todd spotlights on how we build muscle and burn fat by using our own bodyweight, no equipment required! A Shot of Adrenaline outlines bodyweight exercises for all levels—from beginners to aficionados. The blog also uses videos demonstrating each exercise. We love this blog’s focus on using our own body to get fit, so if you’re into bodyweight workouts, check this one out now!

16) Way of the Strong

Way of the Strong

Abbe’s blog targets bodybuilding for normal guys who aren’t naturally muscular. Guys who work full-time jobs and can’t go to the gym for hours on end. Way of the Strong walks readers through Abbe’s own journey to gain lean muscle mass and provides great tips for folks starting out in bodybuilding. He includes easy to follow workout plans for your time in the gym. It’s a new blog, beginning December 2015. That’s the start date of Abbe’s quest to gain ten pounds of muscle mass. We love this blog for all those regular guys and gals who struggle with gaining muscle mass and that’s why it on our list.

17) Dr. John Rusin

Dr. John Rusin

John’s blog is a definite stop for serious athletes and fitness fanatics that are ready to up their game! His goal is to get you performing at the edge of your physical limits. With degrees in Exercise Science and Physical Therapy, Dr. John Rusin dissolves myths and misleading information around fitness. Instead, John creates result-oriented programs informed by science and experience, seamlessly combining physical therapy and strength and conditioning. John’s blog covers all facets of strength training, physical therapy, optimizing performance, and other topics that any fitness-minded person can get into. We think he’s top for folks ready to take their fitness to the next level, and that’s why he’s on our list.

18) Food, Fitness, and Family

Food Fitness Family

Madeline’s blog stresses all aspects of healthy living and balancing family, work, good eating, shopping, and fitness. For folks that keep fit but occasionally relish in junk foods, like cupcakes and wings, this blog is for you. Madeline’s common sense approach is easy to follow and never involves punishments if you indulge now and then. Food, Fitness, and Family features some great recipes, workout plans, and tips for runners. She also shares personal experiences as an Army family including all the places she and her family have called home. Food, Fitness, and Family is on our list for folks who enjoy exercising but also enjoy some of the not-so-healthy joys of life.

19) Black Girls Run!

Black Girls Run!

Ashley and Toni started this blog to address the obesity epidemic in the African-American community. Black Girls Run! (BGR) inspires women of color (and all of us) to make fitness and healthy living a priority. The blog provides exercise and nutrition tips to make fitness part of a daily routine. And the blog talks about everything you need to know about running. BGR creates communities and running groups, available in most states. There’s a great section featuring interviews with women discussing how running changed their lives. We love that Black Girls Run! is addressing the obesity epidemic head on and that merits our list.

20) Healthy Fit Natural

Healthy Fit Natural

Healthy Fit Natural is a fantastic blog for folks that consider fitness a combination of mind, body, and spirit. It’s user friendly design includes categories on diet, beauty, recipes, weight loss, and herbs. Healthy Fit Natural inspires readers to live happy and productive lives by understanding the latest advice on wellness, nutrition, and exercise. For those wanting an integrative approach to fitness, Healthy Fit Natural is tops and that’s why we included it on the list.

21) Workout Nirvana

Workout Nirvana

Suzanne’s blog is for women weightlifters looking to own their power with strength training, clean eating, and beyond. Suzanne teaches you body empowerment by changing your diet to an eating lifestyle where weight loss is sustainable forever. Workout Nirvana focuses on small, daily changes that lead to big results over time. And it’s for beginners and seasoned strength-training veterans too! So for women wanting to tap their true potential with strength training and clean eating, this blog’s for you. We love Suzanne’s focus on empowerment, strength, and confidence and that’s why Workout Nirvana hits our list target.

22) Gym Junkies

Gym Junkies

Gym Junkies is one of the most comprehensive strength training blogs, covering weightlifting, nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, and fitness products. There’s also a great Motivation section entitled “Boost Your Willpower” that helps you regain your enthusiasm for exercise when you aren’t seeing expected results. The site is nicely laid out and easy to navigate with three main tabs: Fitness Articles, Lifestyle Articles, and Shop. Gym Junkies offers instruction videos and lots of tips to get you in that exercise zone. We love its simplicity and its breath of information and that’s why it’s on our list.

23) The Lean Green Bean

Lean Green Bean

As a registered dietician, Lindsay’s blog provides scientifically backed-up information on best practices for eating, exercising, and keeping the spice in our lives. She explains in everyday language how healthy living isn’t complicated or expensive. Her blog features healthy recipes with nutritional information, workout plans and steps, and tips for new moms. We particularly like her section on food prep—an often neglected topic but critical for making good food choices throughout the week. With a particular focus on impacts of nutritious foods, we rank The Lean Green Bean in our top 25 list.

24) The Wheezy Runner

The Wheezy Runner

For many of us, asthma is a part of life. But that shouldn’t stop you from exercising and getting the most of out physical activity. The Wheezy Runner is an amazing fitness blog for anyone who suffers from asthma or has asthma in the family. This blog shares Jessica’s experiences beginning a running routine that met her health needs. The blog’s Getting Started section is ideal if you’re struggling with asthma or other health challenges that require giving your body extra time to acclimate to exercise. The blog incorporates other aspects of healthy living, such as cooking, geocatching, and other fun family activities. The Wheezy Runner is tops with its attention to folks who struggle with asthma and other health conditions, motivating them to get out there and get their exercise on.

25) 28 Days of Me

28 Days of Me

28 Days of Me is a journal of Monique’s health, exercise, and wellness experiments. The premise is simple—try something new for 28 days at a time. This involves changing one thing—it could be a new type of exercise, a new diet, a stress practice, or a new lifestyle change. And then through the course of those 28 days, see what effects that change has on her mental and physical health. We think 28 Days of Me is super innovative and love that Monique is taking the time (about 1 month) to dive deeply into things. She gives us a taste of what something’s like so we can decide if we’d like to give it a go. 28 Days of Me is a new blog—she’s on round 4 now. 28 Days of Me is tops on innovation and experimentation and that’s why it concludes our list.


Whew! That’s quite a list. Hopefully, you found a couple of new blogs that connect to your fitness goals.

In our research, we discovered so many great fitness blogs so narrowing it down was quite a chore. Some of you probably noticed that the king of the hill blogs are not listed—we wanted to give some of these great and lesser-known blogs a chance to shine.

So did we miss your favorite fitness blog? Leave us a comment and let us know what blogs to consider next time.

So go out there and get your own game on!

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