Top 25 Inspirational Running Blogs For Women in 2016

By J.Smith

Top 25 Inspirational Running Blogs For Women Award

Running is fabulous way to get in shape and achieve your fitness goals. No matter what kind of runner you are, however, you will likely face challenges at some point along your running journey.

If you are new to the sport, it can be difficult and intimidating to figure out how to get started and you might wonder if you are cut out to be a runner at all. Maybe it’s been awhile since you called yourself a runner, and you’re in need of some help setting realistic goals and avoiding injury. Or perhaps you’re already logging weekly miles like a champ, but you’re curious how to take your training to the next level while staying motivated.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, we’ve done the leg work for you (figuratively in this case…YOU will still have to do the actual running!)

We’ve compiled a list of 25 inspirational running blogs, to provide the motivation you need in pursuit of your fitness goals, all specifically geared towards women. You’ll find a few large, well-known sites with enormous resource libraries to answer virtually any running question. You will also find a number of smaller blogs detailing inspirational stories of successful training despite injuries, crazy busy schedules, difficult health conditions and just the challenges of life in general.

So whether you want to run in your first ½ or full marathon, are interested in setting a PR or just need help getting off the couch, our list has you covered. Skip the endless internet search, read on and then get moving!

(The following blogs are all fantastic and each provides its own unique perspective and value. They are listed in no particular order.)

Lazy Girl Running

(Good for those lazy girls who wants to get fit! In truth, though, good for all girls!)

As the name of her blog suggest, Laura was not always a runner. She is a UK based, self-confessed former “lazy girl” that has transformed herself into a marathon runner and running coach. Of particular interest on her site is a free guide to get through your race day, with the admonition not to be a “Racezilla!” In addition to free resources, she offers paid training plans and bespoke (custom) training to her online clients. Expectant Moms take note: She is certified as a Level 3 Ante and Post Natal Exercise Trainer.

Eat Pray Run DC

(Good for those who want to see what training for a marathon entails on a day to day basis.)

Courtney offers guidance and inspiration for runners of all levels as she shares her adventure in the Nation’s capital (and a love of bacon!) Her blog includes recipes, training suggestions and updates as she prepares for the Chicago Marathon.

Mile Posts

(Good for those who need inspiration to overcome obstacles and just get out there!)

Dorothy Beal shares her inspirational story about overcoming anxiety and finding her strength in running, which she has developed into a successful career. Particularly inspiring is her trademark motto and product line #irunthisbody. With 30+ marathons under her belt, she has knowledge and motivation to share.

Another Mother Runner


(Good for busy moms with crazy life/schedules. You are understood here!)

Resources and a community for mom runners of all experience levels. Useful info, funny bits and above all they understand the ins and outs of everyday life for moms everywhere as they try to work in their daily run. Favorite bit found on their about page: “If you still have a question pinging around in your brain (along with the grocery list, the dentist appointment reminder and a snippet of Disney song.” Moms, they GET you! (Admit it…the song was from Frozen.)

Meals and Miles


(Good for those who need motivation in combating a sedentary lifestyle. After you succeed you’ll want to stick around!)

If you wake up one day to find that you have somehow developed a sedentary, desk-bound lifestyle, then Meghann will get you back on track. Recovered from just such a thing, she shares her progress in running (1/2 marathon, marathon and ½ Ironman) along with her weight training experiences and plenty of healthy, delicious recipes to keep you going.

Jill Will Run


(Good for those who need encouragement in overcoming challenging health conditions…see her about page for her honest and inspiring story.)

Journey along with Jill as she shares her uplifting story of overcoming difficult life/health challenges and staying the course in maintaining a positive outlook, fit lifestyle and seeking balance.

Ali On The Run

Ali on the run

(Good for those getting started in running, there are lots of great beginner resources, and for those who need inspiration in battling conditions like Crohn’s disease-Go Ali!)

Living and Running in NYC, Ali has a treasure trove of useful information for beginning runners and those wishing to get started. She also shares detail regarding her long standing battle with Crohn’s disease and how she continues to persevere. Go Ali!

Salty Running

Salty Running

(Good for those whose want to focus on their running and improving and leave the extraneous things by the roadside.)

This blog focuses on running within the context of your whole life. With a motto of: “Come as you are, not as you are supposed to be” you can be assured that you will find resources and a perspective that will get you motivated and moving regardless of your starting point.


Denise is Run DMT

(Good for those wanting to explore RACEcations with their family.)

Denise began running in 2007 and completed her 10th marathon in 2015. She blogs about running, healthy recipes, travel. Of particular note is her page regarding “RACEcations”- incorporating family travel into racing destination/plans. Great info from a busy Tampa Bay mom on the go!



(Good for those who need a motivating story about kicking the smoking habit and becoming an accomplished runner. And did we mention she is really funny?!!)

Cathy is based in England and provides product reviews, running and fitness tips, give-aways and a large bit of humor.

Shut Up And Run

Shut Up+ Run

(Good for those who want to get it done and have a good time doing it!)

Serious running and loads of fun. If in doubt, just take a look at the sidebar of Beth’s most popular posts! You know you’ve got it going on when you can run the TransRockies Race (6 days/120 miles at altitude) while rockin’ a cheetah running skort! Her mantra? “Don’t let fear hold you down. That’s a big time waster. Actually, its a big life waster.” Can’t argue with that!

Runs For Cookies

Runs For Cookies

(Good for those who know the struggle of trying to lose a substantial amount of weight.)

Katie documents her tremendously inspiring story of how she incorporated running and healthy eating into her lifestyle to achieve her goals by losing 100+ pounds. On her blog Katie shares recipes, fitness and running tips and honest updates on the ins and outs of maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Mom’s Home Run

Moms Home Run

(Good for those who don’t love to run but do it anyway. If you don’t relate to being a “runner” but you run … this site is for you.)

As a mom to 5 and a runner who doesn’t necessarily love to run, this blog will get you out the door with a smile on your face. This site is geared for moms who run, whether they like it or not. Great resources and lots of laughs to ease the pain. “Being a runner is a lot like being a mom. What lunatic left me in charge of 5 children and a whole house to run!”

From Strength To Strength

From Strength to Strength

(Good for those interested in becoming more active, trying a few of the training programs Becca has profiled…and if you want to learn more about the StrongWoman competition!)

Becca shares her journey from couch potato to runner to StrongWoman Competitor. Follow along as she documents various training programs, her trials and successes and to learn more about the Strong Woman competition! Particularly fun is her Legging Love page!

The Fat Girls Guide To Running

Too Fat To Run

(Good for those who are plus-sized and wondering if running is for them and if so, how to get started.)

Julie is on a mission to make running accessible to plus-sized runners. This site offers loads of free information, email tips, encouragement and a paid 5K training program. You’ll find tons of encouragement and motivation here!

(Good for those searching for a running event to serve as their next motivational fitness challenge!)

If you are looking for a race event in your area to jumpstart your training, start here! You can search by sport, event, distance, skill level and distance from your chosen location. An accompanying blog serves up loads of training and nutrition advice. Find your next level event goal here, get registered and get running!

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal

(Good for runners looking for a site chockfull of fitness advice, nutrition and menu tips.)

This well known site hosts the resource rich blog, Hello Healthy, and covers everything from meal planning to nutrition and offers tons of fitness tips. If you are looking for a workout app to track miles, calories and the like, check out the My Fitness Pal app. More posts and topics here than you could likely ever get through … start browsing and get inspired!

My Heart Races Blog

My Heart Races Blog

(Good for those who want to live vicariously through a Mom striving to complete a marathon on each continent.)

Written by a fit mom of four, readers follow as she trains her way to her goal of a marathon on each continent and all the races and life’s joys along the way. Running and training tips, as well as product and food reviews for those with running goals of their own, too.

Marathon Mamma

Marathon Mamma

(Good for those seeking to “balance family, faith and fitness.”)

Heather and Laura share their adventures as moms and their marathon training/racing stories, alongside fitness tips and nutritious recipes. They encourage women to “Get Up. Get Inspired.” As they put it…“we are all running the marathon called life”



(Good if you are a vegetarian runner… or would like to be one!)

Christina went from an exercise hating, unhealthy eater to a marathon runner and inspirational vegetarian. Follow along for running tips, racing stories and recaps, as well as yummy vegetarian recipes to fuel you on your ever longer and more enjoyable runs.

Running And The City

Running and the City

(Good for those who need to bolster their belief in the healing power of running!)

Originally from Argentina, but now living in NYC, Elizabeth suffered a heart attack in 2004 at the age of 28. Afterwards, she took up running to improve her heart health, eventually becoming a marathon runner, Biometrics coach and certified USA Track and Field Coach. She’s lived her healthy recovery and has lessons to share with the rest of us.

Run To The Finish

Run To The Finish

(Good for those seeking a more active and fulfilling lifestyle, as Amanda can show you the way!)

With a motto of “It’s not about the miles, its how they change you” you can’t help but follow along. Amanda offers running tips, gear reviews, travel advice and coaching services. She wasn’t always a clean eating fitness nut, but having happily made the transition herself, she can help you get there!

Run With No Regrets

Run With No Regrets

(Good for those who are looking for training tips, healthy eating and a positive attitude-you’ll find it here.)

Janelle lives in Philadelphia and regularly serves up exercise tips, fitness challenges, product giveaways and healthy eating inspiration, all with a side of positive attitude. At present you can follow along while she trains for the Philly Marathon.

Hungry Runner Girl

Hungry Runner Girl

(Good for those who need reassurance through the of the ups and downs in life. Inspiring story as she keeps at it with style!)

This popular blog is written by Janae and offers updates on her life, training, eating, and gear, interspersed with lovely photos. She honestly shares the highs/lows and what has helped her get through it all, including divorce and struggles with an eating disorder. With a love of running that reaches from her youngest days, this constant appears throughout her story and provides motivation for the rest of us.

Chic Runner

Chic Runner

(Good for those just getting started…new book for women runners.)

Danica shares her running adventures and the highs and lows of training. She’s written a book: “Running For Women: Ditching the Excuses and Start Loving Your Runs” that is perfect for getting your training off the ground. Check out her music playlist posts for an extra dose of inspiration.

So there you go! 25 fantastic sites to help you achieve your fitness goals. Dig in and look around to find your motivation from one of these active and inspiring women. Here’s to your health and running journey!

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