Top 25 Must Follow Investing Blogs for 2016

By Pranav Khanna

Top 25 Must Follow Investing Blogs

Manage my own investments, Are you Serious ?


Read on for the Top 25 Must Follow Investing Blogs for 2016

Detailed historical information coupled with a personalized curated information flow enable the individual to discover, track and follow investment opportunities. However, the plethora of various experts can lead to information overload. One way to tackle this is to follow selected individuals who provide information in a manner which is fun, engaging and informative at the same time.

As an Entrepreneur running my own business, I am well aware of the upside that investing carefully can provide. Whilst keeping track of new waves to ride, one must simultaneously maintain a steady eye on the old maxims : common sense, value investing, and risk versus risk mitigation.

Parameters used to identify the Top 25 Investing Blogs for 2016 on this list

The humongous investment content available online can seem daunting. One is best served by evaluating his/her personal preferences and then following experts/blogs that are aligned to your risk appetite

The parameters that I have used to compile my list of 25 Must Follow Investing Blogs for 2016 are listed below

  1. Risk Appetite : I have listed experts who follow the Value Investing Model
  2. Debt Aversion : from going debt free to investing
  3. Sector Preferences: with a focus on Realty and Long term investments
  4. Lifestyle : frugal living, minimalism ( this excluding living on credit)
  5. New Wave : Upcoming new schools of thought blogs

For this list I have chosen websites that

  • Have Personality – I enjoy reading blogs that take a position and back it up with facts. These are like friends who give good advice
  • Global in Nature – In a Global Village, it is a necessity to NOT focus on only on the US but in general on valid maxims
  • Centre around Investing – I have chosen blogs that mostly focus on investing and excluded those advocating certain lifestyles like couponing ( though I love a good discount too )
  • Thought leaders – These are individuals well respected in the blogosphere and have been sharing information with their readers for years
  • Are Easy to Understand – A lot of blogs are too technical in detail and somehow loose the big picture. I have selected those that are readable and fun

For e.g the experts/blogs I follow mirror my value investing nature coupled with a liking of frugal living and minimalism. I also follow blogs which reflect my thought process of being debt free and investing in realty. At the same time, new and upcoming blogs serve to rise upcoming trends and opportunities in the investment landscape

Here are the Top 25 Must Follow Investing Blogs for 2016


Top 25 Must Follow Investing Blogs

Matt is a full-time personal finance writer and speaker, serving as Managing Editor at Sound Mind Investing. An author of 4 books, Matt has been on National Media on multiple occasions.
At Matt About Money, Matt Bell helps people manage money more effectively.

15. How Do I Money

Top 25 Must Follow Investing Blogs

With a firm belief in personal finance being “basic math”; Derek tells you how do “Pay off your debt, grow your net worth, have fun doing it.” Derek has been featured on Lifehacker, Business Insider and runs a growing community engaging in monthly money saving challenges

16. Wallet Hacks

25 Must Follow Investing BlogsJim Wang has been writing about Personal Finance for 10 + years and has been featured in the New York Times, Baltimore Sun, Entrepreneur and Marketplace Money.

Join Jim as he share philosophies, strategies and methods to below financially independent. Be a part of the “laity”

17. Mixed Up Money

Top 25 Must follow Investing Blogs Alyssa writes about debt, savings, and a little bit of laughter. Join this “Drop Dead Gorgeous” Canadian on her humorous well written take on keeping your mixed up money in control.

Alyssa has been featured on RockStar Finance and the LifeHacker.

18. Pretend to be Poor

Top 25 Must Follow Investing Blogs

Kalie and Neil offer a refreshing view of Frugal Living. More than tips and tricks, Kalie begins with a mindset rooted in spiritual belief – A series of How-To’s covering everyday living help you to tackle questions that arise in following a minimalist lifestyle.

Kalie has been featured on RockStar Finance and the LifeHacker.

19. Finaacle

Top 25 Must Follow Investing Blogs

Vikas Agarwal focuses on simplifying the Art of Investing. A value investment blog, Vikas is a keen follower of the Rakesh Jhunjhunwala method of investing with articles about Behavioural Investing and and Financial Planning.

20. The Calm investor

Top 25 Mist Follow Investing Blogs

The Calm Investor unearths timetested and reliable approaches especially in reference to the Indian Market based on the the messages of Investors like Benjamin Graham, Philip Fisher and Warren Buffett. Do read the “Calm investing Principles” that will hold you in stead along the journey to wealth creation.

21. Afford Anything

Top 25 Must Follow Investing Blogs

Paula’s journey to sustained long term financial independence through Real Estate Investing. Join this vibrant online community on your way to “Afford Anything”

Paula has been featured on Forbes , MSN and a slew of curated resources.

22. Financially Wise Women

Top 25 Must Follow Investing Blogs

At Financially Wise Women, Brittany helps women (and some men too) make financial planning fun and easy. Follow Brittany for comprehensive financial planning services, weekly YouTube videos and an online money class to start your Financially Wise journey.

Brittany has been featured on CNBC, Investment News, Wall Street Journal, NYT, and a host of print and online media.

23. The Budget Mama

Top 25 Must Follow Investing Blogs

Jessi is the Budget Mama who will help you do financial budgeting, financial planning and a whole host of How-to’s related to being part of a family looking to live well and save at the same time. Follow Jessi for heartwarming financial and saving advice.

24. The College Investor

Top 25 Must Follow Investing Blogs The College Investor is the #1 Resource for helping millennials get out of student debt and start planning for their financial wellbeing.

Robert has been featured on the New York Times, Yahoo Finance, and Forbes.

And we aptly close the list with

25. Can I Retire Yet

Top 25 Must Follow Investing Blogs

Darrow answers this very important question with Strategies, plans, tools and Tips. Darrow didn’t become financially independent by flipping real estate or trading hot stocks – he did it the traditional way: hard work, frugality, prudent investing, and patience. At Can I retire Yet, Darrow shares Blueprints to help you plan your way to Retiring When you want !

And that’s a wrap !

A curated list of Top 25 Must Follow Investing Blogs to help you plan your investing stratagems !

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