Top 25 Survival Bloggers You Have to Read For Prep In 2016

By Mark Awai

In today’s day and age, a lot can happen anywhere in the world. Being prepared with the supplies, skills and knowledge can come in handy, depending on the situation. Whether it is an emergency, camping, the next zombie epidemic, or good old financial planning, being ready for anything or preparing yourself and your family is always a good idea.

We compiled this list as a good place to start doing some research on your next steps to take in order to be prepared for anything. These people have solidified their status as knowledgeable and resourceful by sharing a TON of great, free, abundant information for you to use to stock up, get ready, or if you should find youself in a pickle. They range from army veteran experts to at home, take charge moms!

Top 25 Survival Blogs

1. More Than Just Surviving

If you are interested in the survivalist lifestyle in the outdoors, then check out this site made by a couple who are wise beyond their years. They have tips on surviving outdoors as well as detailed gear reviews.

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2. Survival Blog

Survival Blog is one of the most comprehensive resources on getting through a multitude of situations, from the unpredicatble outdoors to emergencies. The wide range of topics available provides an encyclopedia at the click of a button.

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3. Modern Survival Blog

The Modern Survival Blog has a complete library of prepper articles and guides. You could spend a good amount of time taking notes. The categories covered is infinite, from livestock to preserving food.

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4. Tactical Intelligence

Tactical Intelligence is good resource for modern techniques and equipment in today’s world. He also has a great Youtube channel.


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5. Backdoor Survival

Gayle is a featured expert in numerous places. With her husband, they provide a laundry list of things you need and a bunch of DIY prepper projects.

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6. Survival Ready Blog

Survival Ready is soley dedicated to survival with step by step instructions of what to do. They get straight to the point with no bull in their guides for prepping, skills, and kits.

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7. The Home For Survival

With a focus on economic or natural disasters, they hone in on the best advice and supplies available.Their survival gear list is a complete list that you must check out.

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8. The Prepper Journal

A wide variety of topics are covered by the folks at the Prepper Journal, who have over 900 detailed articles!


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9. The Survival Mom

You would never know by looking at Lisa that she is so knowledgeable prepping since she lives the survivalist lifestyle. She even wrote a book!

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10. The Survivalist Blog

M.D. Creekmore is a certified survivalist and his expertise in everything is truly one of a kind. You have to pick this accomplished author’s brain, no zombies pun intended.

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11. Prepper Website

Todd at the Prepper Website has compiled resources from everywhere to give you a complete database of all the resources and tips you need for any situation.

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12. Doom and Bloom

Dr. Joe Bones Alton and his wife, Nurse Amy are in the survivalist hall of fame! They have a best selling book, a phenomenal Youtube channel, and they even have classes.


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13.Survival Joe

Whether its an economic collapse or emergency, Joe has a unique, informative blog that will keep you ready on your toes ready for action.

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14. True Prepper

True Prepper really keeps you ready for any situation. Check out his True Risk Index, as well his recommended tools and kits.

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15. Bug Out Survival

Accomplished author Scott Williams has been at his survival prep blog for years. His recommended book list has numerous other sources for you to check out as well.

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16. Teotwawki Blog

Teotwawki Blog is a survival blog with about 10 years of advice and guides. It is one of the most comprehensive resources on the web if there ever was one.

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17.Survivor Sullivan

From prep to urban or wilderness survival, Dan “Survival” Sullivan offers very detailed, impressive guides that are great for any noob or experienced prepper. His blog has been featured in many places. Take a look and you’ll see why.

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18.Survivor Jane

Survivor Jane is catered to women, from self defense to homesteading. Check out her reviews and severeal books.

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19. Wilderness survival skills

Specializing in wilderness survival, Erik transfers all the skills he has honed to his readers via his wilderness survival course. He covers way more than just the basics of fire, water, and shelter.


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20. Survivalist Daily

The info at Survivalist Daily has been steadily coming for years. The vast wealth of knowledge here is truly a lot to go through! It is well worth it as there are so many topics covered.

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21. Off Grid Survival

If you want to be off the grid or if the ish hits the fan, the content here is rewarding and eye opening. They cover everything from self defense to camping and so much more.

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22. SHTF Preparedness

Hundreds of articles are available here. It was almost too much to handle, but numerous fans can’t be wrong right? Come here for an awesome collection of survival prep info.

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23. Homestead and Survival

If you want to be self sufficient, the guides for growing food and homesteading here are amazing.


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24. Reality Survival

For real life situations, RealitySurvival gets right to it. In addition to numerous informative posts, they also have a comprehensive library of videos as well.

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25. Gray Wolf Survival

Coming from an expert, army vet, this list wouldn’t be complete without Gray Wolf on it.

Everything comes from his real life experience and lots of research behind it.

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The End?

This is just the start of your journey if you are brand new to survival prep. Even if you have been at it for some time, you will definitely find something new that could help you here. Check them all out and let them and us know what you think. Don’t forget to follow them on social media, too!

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