Top 5 PCB Viewer Software For Your Business

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If the theme of your business is focused on facilitating open-sourced hardware projects, you are more likely to incorporate PCB viewer software into your business for monitoring the performance of your projects. It initially requires you to build a prototype, where an engineer is responsible for assembling his projects on a certain breadboard by the means of existing components. It leads to towards the designing of the Printed Circuit Board, where you can use a software to formalize your proposed design in a specific format, which can be utilized later to generate products for your businesses in large quantities. The following top 5 PCB viewer software should help you in achieving the objectives of your business:


When speaking of the best PCB viewer software on the market, nothing can come close to Altium in terms of its features, specifications, and performance. The software is designed to provide you with a truly unified design, which proves vital in the connection of the components involved in a PCB design process, which helps you in accessing each phase of your project without any fail.


This software is popular among the PCB designers, and it is best suited for open-source hardware projects. However, the software does not primarily support open-source hardware, and you are required to purchase the advanced software to unlock and access the feature.

The features prescribed to PCB might not be preferable by advanced PCB users; however, the simplicity and easiness of the software makes it an excellent choice for entry-level businesses. The software is compatible with OSH Park, which helps you in fabricating your PCB design.


KiCad is known as one of the best open-source PCB design and PCB viewer software. The software is equipped with a considerably accessible interface, and it can be accessed on platforms like OS X, Windows, and Linux. The modules and specifications of the software are categorized as open-sourced, which you can access for free. In addition to that, it also consists of 3D modules which allows you to visualize your PCB design in a three-dimensional format.


The use of Upverter is considerably famous among the business that employs the use of PCB viewer software into their business. The software is equipped with innovative features, one of which includes creating an account and proceeding further with your project. The software can be primarily accessed on online platforms, and it also allows you to monitor the activities of other users, and you can also indulge in open-source designs to complete your project. The software also allows you to formulate your proposed PCB design, as it is equipped with a connection to PCB manufacturers. However, you should keep it mind that if your project is close-sourced, the software might not be the best option for your business.


The EasyEDA has become one of the most effective tools that cater to designing PCB design, and it also helps the stimulation of circuits in your browser. You are more likely to see a disproportionation in the components; however, it allows you to experiment with your design, and it also allows you to make sure that there is no factual fault in your design. The online version of the software shares similarities with Upverter, which allows you to make your designs directly on the browser, without any hassle.

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