Top 6 Ways to Manage Your Blog from Your Phone

By Blogtrepreneur

If you have a blog, being away from your computer can sometimes make you uneasy. Luckily for you, technology now allows bloggers to write, post, and manage their blogs straight from their smartphones. Here are just a few of the ways you can do this.

Schedule Your Postings

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Some people feel perfectly fine writing and posting on their blog from their devices, while others despise typing lengthy or even short posts from their phones. If you’re one of the latter group and you’re going to be away from your computer, you can still make sure your that social media and blog posts publish when you want them to. Many blogging platforms and social media sites allow you to publish your future posts automatically.

Programs like HootSuite also allow you to set the times to publish social media posts. As long as you can have the posts ready to go in advance, you can set them to publish at any time, not just when it’s convenient for you to be at your computer.

Install Social Media Apps

One of the most important aspects of a blog is marketing it, and social media sites offers one of the best opportunities. Make sure you have all the apps downloaded on your phone so that you can post or respond to people’s comments when necessary. Your readers love to have personal interaction, and you don’t want to let unanswered comments pile up on your social media sites. Download the apps, then set your notifications to alert you when something relevant comes up that you will want to chime in on.

Download Writing Apps

The notepad on your phone isn’t the most productive way to write on your phone. Writing apps offer organizational and markdown features that are enhanced by your phone’s technology, such as the large super AMOLED display and long battery life of the Galaxy S7. Many of these apps are free, but those that aren’t are well worth the cost for those who want a more convenient way to blog on the go.

Use the Cloud for Storage

The most frustrating thing about being away from your computer is not being able to access a document you need. Dropbox or Google Drive allow you to keep all your files in the cloud and access them from anywhere that you have Internet connectivity. Even if you prefer to edit and post from a computer, you can use your phone and Google Drive to write any great ideas that come to mind while you’re away, then edit and add the finishing touches quickly and easily later.

Install a Photo Editor App

If you include photos in your blog, you’ll want to be able to upload them straight from your phone. Cameras on phones are now so advanced that it’s no longer necessary to buy an expensive camera for your blog. Although your phone’s primary editor may work for some photos, you should install a powerful photo-editing app so that you can make your photos look their best before uploading them. There are plenty of free options, as well as higher-quality paid apps, available. Your words matter most, but the right picture can grab your reader’s attention, so it’s important to make the most of that opportunity.

Publish Posts by Email

Some blogging sites, such as WordPress, allow you to publish your posts by emailing them. Each site works a little differently, but with WordPress, you get a private email address where you can put the title of your blog in the subject line and the content of the post in the body of the email. If you have difficulty posting from your smaller screen, this gives you the opportunity to let your blogging platform do the hard work and make sure everything goes in the right place when your blog uploads.

It’s easier than ever to feel confident about leaving your computer at home or in the office and managing all aspects of your blog from your smartphone. Start today!

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