Top Experiential Marketing Trailer Uses for Brands and Agencies

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The experiential marketing costs are continuing to rise, creating an opportunity for developing epic brand experiences. As agencies become more and more creative with their strategies, as well as the availability of innovative advances, they can add it to improve the uses for trailers in experiential remain as versatile and trustworthy as ever. The first thought that comes to most account managers when they hear the term ‘marketing trailer’ is a mobile tour. They wonder why they need marketing trailers if they don’t have clients with a big mobile tour somewhere. However, any good marketer ought to consider all options available found at There are numerous ways that a trailer can be used for clients to drive brand awareness and engagement. Below are some of the top experiential marketing trailer uses for brands and agencies:

Product display

Maybe you have a brand that needs to display their items and products. That’s where many agencies and brands go to increase awareness and exposure. This requires a custom-built and a glass-sided trailer that allows prospective clients to view the items as you travel from one activation to the other. The glass-sided trailer is perfect to showcase products and items on the move, as well as on the site. For instance, you may want to wow concert or event attendees with your amazing products, but you don’t want them to touch it. Instead of making use of the tacky stanchions and tacky ropes, a branded and glass-sided trailer will communicate your brand message, creating a much higher sense of awe. Using a trailer also acts as a visual focal piece when running a contest during a massive music festival.

Product sales

At the end of the day, the idea of any brand or agency is to sell as many products as possible. Numerous experiential programs are now starting to use on-site selling during their activations, and using a trailer makes this easier. A trailer is a perfect opportunity to expand business by reaching more clients. By using a trailer, an agency can significantly reduce setup, as well as the breakdown time, while at the same time expanding the business and product sales. Besides, an experiential marketing trailer will legitimize your sales efforts by giving your business a branded and defined space with the feel and look of the traditional brick-and-mortar used by most consumers.

Trade shows

Trade shows are one of the most overlooked uses of a trailer. Rather than setting up a pop-up tent, or a difficult-to-set modular display, you can customize a trailer you can use as a trade show footprint. You might afford the towing costs to get your tents to and from the event, but you might lack the labor costs used in setting up. This reduces the time taken to put together the traditional booths, but a trailer will do the trick. The experiential marketing trailer will make it easy for attendees to enter the trailer and go through your products, just as if they were in a traditional physical store.


You must use to educate your customers on a topic, issue, or your brand history. An educational trailer will come in handy to do this. Custom educational trailers are being widely used to spread brand information far and wide. You can as well brand around the trailer to offer more educational messages about your product and brand. These will also provide your staff with better visuals that they can teach from. Also, the educational trailer will provide a platform for your prospective clients to get hands-on experience and interact with your brand. Instead of sitting around and waiting for clients to come to you, you can make use of custom trailers to take your brand and information to where your customers are.

Disaster response

In the modern political climate, brands are looking for more ways to get into the support of these issues using their brand influence to assist those in need. Numerous major brands in different industries often respond to natural disasters. They offer emergency products and items such as food, water, clothing, and tents to those in affected regions. A custom trailer will allow your brand to serve those in need. Using a corporate social responsibility aspect in your marketing program is a clever way to allow your customer’s brand to assist others, as well as gain the much-needed positive publicity while at it.

Food and concession

Food trailers are very common nowadays. They can vary from the small 6 by 10 feet to the massive full mobile kitchens. Food trailers also have numerous uses for experiential marketing projects. The most obvious use is to serve your drinks or food. Numerous mobile bars are used by beer brands to serve their drinks during events and festivals. Other food companies also use food trailers to cater and serve food at both public and private events or used in competition against other major players in the world. Trailers can be used in many ways when it comes to your activation needs.

Services and performances

Even if you’re not a beverage, CGP, apparel, or a food brand, there are still ways you can make use of a trailer to market your products and services. There are modern custom trailers that are being used by stylists to perform their cosmetic services for their clients without being limited to geographic location. The possibilities are limitless. Trailers are now finding a new home in the performance industry. One of the main types of marketing trailers used in performances is the stage trailer. If you’re in the entertainment industry, you can make your event livelier with a DJ booth that’s set up inside a branded stage trailer. You can also use it for a live band or performers. Also, you can go a notch higher, and set up a traditional stage that has comfy furniture to serve as the performers’ green room.

Product sampling and demo

A trailer is a perfect vessel to use when having a mobile sampling tour that’s regional or national. Step vans are ideal for CPG brands, but not ideal for local use as they aren’t made for long distances. You should, however, consider its slower speed, which increases the travel time and might result in fewer activation days that can eat into your budget. With a good plan ahead, however, marketing trailers make more sense. You can leave the trailer in parking somewhere and use the other tow vehicles to get around. For the same reasons as product sampling, a marketing trailer makes the most sense for your product demos. This is especially imperative in apparel brands where customers can fit products in the mobile fitting rooms.

As seen above, there’s no shortage of the ways a trailer can be used for experiential marketing reasons. Even if you can’t afford to purchase a marketing trailer, there are companies offering leasable marketing trailers and will give you all the benefits of a trailer, without having to worry about the maintenance costs that come with buying one. Below are some of the top benefits of a marketing trailer.

Advantages of a Mobile Trailer


This is the most obvious advantage of a trailer as you can move from place to place. This makes trailers the ideal solution for tours, be it regional, local, or national.

Always-on branding

Still related to the aspect of mobility, with a branded trailer, you’ll have brand visibility as you travel from place to place, as well as when you’re parked overnight. This is something one can’t get with a setup event site at every event, and then break it down after the event.

Defined footprint

A marketing trailer will provide complete branding, as it lets the attendees of an event know where they will go in through and exit. This is unlike a pop-up-tent where you’ll rely on the side and back walls, which can be easily wrinkled and never seem to fit well. Generally, a trailer gives a more premium appearance, which is just like the brick-and-mortar setup that consumers are used and comfortable with.

Air conditioning, lighting, and electricity

This is one of the major advantages of your prospective clients. Most trailers come with air-conditioning, which attracts many festival attendees to cool down, even if just for a short time. This implies that your trailer is more attractive to the event-goers than other brands offering only a simple tent to stay away from the hot summer sun. In addition, trailers with wired electricity, as well as LED lighting, attracts more clients, especially during the night.


One of the many worries is where your staff will keep their purse or bags. With a marketing trailer, you have built-in storage, which allows you to store products, premiums, and staff belongings. There are other valuable items such as phones and tablets, and hence, with a lockable storage cabinet in the trailer, the worry of your staff losing their valuable items is eliminated.

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